How Much is a Swim Spa?

How much is a swim spa? It’s a good question! A swim spas cost is influenced by a few different variables. These consist of the purchase price including all the extra features you desire including jets, dual temperature features, and exercise equipment,  delivery, and installation. You also must keep in mind that you will need to pay for anything the swim spa needs to get started, such as chemicals and water fill up. While this may seem like a lot of potential money to spend, you must consider the value of a swim spa.

A pool can cost over $35 thousand dollars rather easily and can only be used at certain times of the year. Swim spas can be used year-round with the ability to heat them to the temperature you desire plus they save space. On average, swim spas will be cheaper than your run-of-the-mill pool. However, they can still require a large upfront investment. You will need a surface for your spa to sit on, possible landscaping, and electrical work during installation. It is wise to seek out a swim spa with energy-efficient features to save money over time.

It’s easy to talk to one of our salespeople about a ballpark estimate of what a swim spas cost on average after everything is said and done. Trust us, having a spa can make an impact in your daily life and will make your exercise routine easier especially if you are looking for a low-impact way to work out plus it is a great way to relax and unwind at the end of the day. A quick 30-minute soak will help your muscles unwind and release all the tension you’ve been carrying around.

What is a Swim Spa?

Swim spas are the big brother of what many know as a hot tub or spa. They provide more space and have greater capabilities, such as the ability to swim, hence the name. In this article, we will take a plunge into exactly what a swim spa is, the benefits of owning one, and why a swim spa is worth the cost. If you didn’t know much about swim spas, you will soon!

A swim spa is a unique water therapy experience that combines the benefits of an in-ground pool with the relaxation of a hot tub. This combination makes for an affordable alternative to costly inground pools, and it can also double as both an exercise area and a therapeutic hot tub! Swim spas come in dual temperature models so you can enjoy a hot tub and a pool. Perhaps, the most important feature of the swim spa, is that they are designed to create currents of water so you can swim in place. Eliminating the need for a larger pool or to travel to a facility with a large swimming pool! Swim spas offer the benefits of hydrotherapy with all of the exercise capabilities of a large pool. So, the cost of a swim spa might seem high at first but you’ll quickly realize the benefits stack up quickly when compared to all the things the swim spa can replace. Goodbye crowded gym pool, hello comfort-of-my-own-home aquatic exercising!

Physical benefits of a swim spa.

Swim spas offer a variety of health and fitness benefits that you can enjoy in the comfort and privacy of your own backyard. Exercise in any weather in the heated and healing waters of your swim spa!

Some of the key benefits of owning a swim spa include: 

Improved cardiovascular health: These spas provide an excellent workout for your heart and circulatory system. 

Toned muscles: Swimming in a swim spa is an excellent way to tone your muscles without putting stress on your joints. The resistance of the water provides a great workout for your whole body. 

Weight loss: A spa can help you lose weight healthily and sustainably, while also minimizing wear and tear on your body. 

Increased flexibility: Swim spas are a great way to increase your range of motion and release muscle tension. 

Healthy skin tone: Swim spa sessions also help improve the health of your skin by stimulating blood flow, which helps keep you looking fresh and young.

Mental boost: Exercise and hydrotherapy are both shown to improve mood and give you a mental boost!

Swim Spas Save Space and Save Money

If you are short on space, swim spas are the perfect solution! They can also double as a hot tub if you don’t have room for both. They come in dual temperature models to allow for swim workouts in the pool side of your spa and therapeutic soaks in your hot tub side. You can swim in place in your swim spa with water currents that offer all of the benefits of an in-ground pool without the cost or size.

Swim Spas are perfect for any backyard. They don’t require much space and can turn your backyard into a relaxing oasis and a gym!


Enjoy the benefits of hydrotherapy in your swim spa. Hydrotherapy can help with arthritis, joint pain, and muscle soreness. There are many benefits of hydrotherapy, including: 

– improved circulation

– pain relief

– reduced inflammation

– improved mobility

– decreased stress and anxiety

– improved sleep quality

– strengthened immune system

Our spas offer all of these benefits and more! They are perfect for anyone who wants to improve their health and fitness, relax after a long day, or reduce stress and anxiety and it will all be included in one price.

Dual Temperature Swim Spa from Aqua Living


Looking for the best of both worlds? Then you need a dual-temp swim spa! This one-of-a-kind product lets you enjoy the relaxing heat of a hot tub or a refreshing swim in cool or heated water. Your partner can relax in the bubbling waters of the hot tub side while you get your workout in for the day in the pool section. Whether you’re looking to relax after a long day or want to get in a workout, the dual-temp swim spa is perfect for you. 

18′ & 20′ Marathon Dual Temp Swim Spas

We know that when it comes to spas, one size doesn’t always fit all. That’s why we’ve created the 18′ and 20′ Marathon Dual Temp Swim Spas – two experiences, all in one convenient package.

Enter our luxurious spa-side with its touch screen controls, blower-in-seats massage feature, and clear view H-500 Ozonator or our swim side with its own touch screen controls, Bluetooth audio system, and Balboa SmartSwim™ technology. You’ll enjoy stunning LED underwater lighting and backlit water spouts to set the perfect ambiance. Complete the look with ceramic waterline and swim lane tiling. 

The Marathon Dual Temp has something for everyone! Whether you’re looking for a luxurious spa experience or an invigorating swim workout, the 18′ & 20′ Marathon Dual Temp Swim Spa from Aqua Living is a great choice!

When asking “How much is a swim spa?” remember all the features they come with and all the things they can replace! Swim Spas are a great way to get the best bang for your buck. You get a pool and a hot tub while saving money and space. Reap the benefits of hydrotherapy and physical fitness, while having a blast or simply relaxing in your own personal backyard oasis. 

18′ & 20′ Marathon Dual Temperature Swim Spas - Aqua Living