Hot Tub Pergola

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Ready to upgrade your hot tub experience with a hot tub pergola?

Our new hot tub pergola is perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy their hot tub in style, and with complete control over their privacy.

This beautiful 8-foot tall, 10 x 10 pergola is made from powder-coated aluminum that is built to last.

The fully electric louvers allow you to adjust the amount of sun or shade you get to enjoy, making it perfect for any time of day or weather.

Open and close the louvers with a sleek, easy-to-use wireless remote. 

Our pergola features an optional electric shade and included privacy curtains for those afternoon hours when the sun is low or when you need extra privacy.

Your new pergola is perfect if you’re buying your first hot tub or you’ve already got the spa of your dreams! 

Just set it up and enjoy!

  • *Electric Roll Shade

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