Can I Use a Hot Tub in Rain and Cold?

Rain and snow can be seen as an obstacle to hot tubbing, as many fear it will ruin the hot tub or be too cold to even enjoy. However, with the right hot tub, a high-quality cover, and regular maintenance, you can spend plenty of cozy, relaxing moments in the rain.

Whether you’re looking for a hot tub to relax in after a long day or hoping to entertain guests on a cool, rainy day, there are hot tubs designed to fit all of your needs. Let’s look at the best hot tubs for cold weather, find a hot tub cover for bad weather, and the answer to the all-important question: can I use a hot tub in the rain?

Woman relaxing in hot tub in the rain and snow

The Best Hot Tub for Cold Weather and Rainy Days

Finding the best hot tubs for poor weather is simple if you look in the right places. Below are some essential qualities when purchasing a hot tub for rainy days or cold temperatures.


One of the essential features to consider is insulation when it comes to the best hot tub for cold weather and rain. You’ll want an adequately insulated hot tub to ensure that the heat and the cold are kept out of your new favorite form of relaxation.

Not only will you maintain a comfortable temperature–proper insulation will help you save sufficient energy while guaranteeing that your tub stays hot whether or not it’s being used.

Insulated Cover

Along with full insulation in the tub itself, your hot tub needs a high-quality, insulated cover to protect its heat.

Your hot tub cover is the most vital part of your hot tub when it comes to retaining its heat and can help insulate your hot tub when it’s not in use and protect it from rough cold weather conditions, such as snow and ice. You can relax in your hot tub all winter long with the right hot tub cover for bad weather.

Heat-Retaining Shell

You want to ensure that your hot tub has a robust and durable shell that extreme weather conditions won’t damage and that will retain heat no matter the weather conditions.

Look for a cover that is made of a robust and durable material that won’t be damaged by rain or snow.

For instance, an acrylic shell is incredibly durable, and with backed acrylic, your hot tub will have improved heat retention to ensure it’s comfortable year-round.

Staying Safe When Using a Hot Tub in the Rain

When using a hot tub in the rain, you must follow safety precautions similar to those used in a pool. Preparing is critical for anyone who wants to use their hot tub, come rain or shine. Before stepping into your comfortable oasis, let’s consider some safety reminders.

Check the Forecast

First and foremost, you should always check the forecast before using your hot tub. This step is critical if there is a chance of lightning.

You should not use your hot tub when there is lightning in the area, just like you wouldn’t use a pool.

When there is lightning nearby, exit your hot tub as lightning can travel through water, putting you at risk of harm.

Take Precautions Against Slipping

If you’re using your hot tub in the rain, it’s also essential to take precautions against slipping. Make sure you keep the area around your hot tub free of debris and slippery surfaces.

If your setup has steps leading up to your hot tub, put non-slip mats on them to increase traction.

Watch Out for Water Damage

Always keep an eye out for any signs of water damage. If your hot tub is exposed to heavy rain or other forms of precipitation, it can lead to water damage over time.

Ensure you inspect the area around your hot tub for any signs of water damage, such as discoloration or warping of the wood.

If you notice signs of water damage, take action to repair it right away.

Check Temperature and Circulation

Finally, if you are seeking cold-weather hot tubs, you need to take extra precautions. Make sure you check the temperature of the water before you get in, as the water can be dangerous if it is too cold. It’s also essential to make sure the water is circulated correctly to avoid any issues with bacteria or algae.

So, Can I Use a Hot Tub in the Rain?

Now, for the big question: can I jump into my hot tub, come rain or shine? Luckily, the answer is: Yes, you can use a hot tub in the rain!

As long as you have a good hot tub cover, your hot tub is adequately insulated and heated, and you take proper safety precautions, hot tubbing in the rain is safe and enjoyable.

So go ahead – enjoy the cool rain or snowfall on your shoulders and the hot water from the jets surrounding you. Pure bliss!

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