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110v Spas

Hudson Bay

Starting at $2,199

Plug & Power

Starting at $3,199

220v Spas


Starting at $2,997


Catalina Luxury

Swim Spas

Dr. Wellness Swim Spas

Starting at $7,499

Catalina Swim Spas

Discover the wellness and relaxation that a hot tub or spa can bring to your home. Enrich your quality of life with peaceful hydrotherapy that is excellent for relieving stress and pain throughout the body or enjoy the many entertainment options that modern hot tubs and spas have to offer.

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Our hot tubs are Ozonator ready and feature many high-end technologies such as Bluetooth & MP3 functionality, plumbed with 100% Anti-Fungicide tubing, and can enhance the mood with underwater lighting variations. Tranquility and fun are just a click away at Aqua Living Factory Outlets.

Shop for well-made Spas and Hot Tubs today from the largest hot tub retailer in the U.S.A. with over 36 locations nationwide. Financing options available for many spa products!