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Learn about proper usage and installation of spas and bathtubs from our installation instruction manuals and informational videos below. Our instructional videos cover many hot tub topics such as: how to drain your spa, how to change temperature ranges, how to change the filtration duration, how to change the mode of heat or rest, how to locate the serial number for various spa models, how to replace the waterfall on/off valve, how to replace a pump or jet in a spa, and how to wire a GFCI for a 220v spa.

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If you’ve ever used a sauna at a health or fitness club, it’s likely been of the indoor variety. If you’ve seen a traditional Scandinavian sauna, though, you know they’re almost always located outdoors.

How to Maintain Your Bathtub the Right Way

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Since bathtubs are unlike hot tubs in that they’re located indoors and don’t need chemical purification systems, it can be easy to forget that bathtubs need some occasional TLC, too.   Here, we’ll show you

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  When you think about hot tubs, you probably think about relaxation, fun and good company. While hot tubs can certainly provide all of those things and more, there are 10 things you should never

The Benefits of Water Circuit Therapy

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    There are plenty of benefits to hot tubs , saunas  and cold baths  alike. But what if you combined their powers to create something even better?   That’s the idea behind water circuit