Hot Tub with Spa Cover

You have a wide range of options when it comes to the care and maintenance of your hot tub. And with a hot tub cover lifter, you can help maintain your physical well being, too. Here are the five reasons you may want to add a hot tub lifter to your investment:

  1. Protect the cover’s structure.
  2. Maintain cover efficiency and sanitation.
  3. Reduce debris in hot tub water.
  4. Reduce neck, shoulder, back and arm strain.
  5. Use your hot tub more frequently.

What is a Hot Tub Cover Lifter?

Hot Tub Cover Lifter

Hot tub cover lifters are specifically designed to move hot tub covers and do it better than any human could, as that kind of lifting could be hard on the human body. Some require you to push the cover back partially before doing the heavy lifting, while others can do the entire job with the click of a remote.

In the long run, the lifter is likely to keep your cover in better shape, extend the life of your entire hot tub investment and help you get the greatest health and relaxation benefits from your tub.

1. Protect the Cover Structure

Hot tub covers are heavy (often between 50 and 75 pounds) and relatively awkward to move. With age they collect water and become even heavier. When the cover is detached from the hot tub and moved by hand, the chance that it will get dropped or slammed into something is significant.

The more your hot tub cover bumps into things the weaker its structure becomes. Corners and overall shape get damaged, which can change how well a cover fits and protects your hot tub. A hot tub cover lifter hangs onto the cover then entire time, saving it from damaging run-ins with the ground and other objects.

2. Maintain Cover Efficiency and Sanitation

Human hands are likely to be wet and not perfectly clean when handling a hot tub cover. While hot tub covers absorb water over time from evaporation, it happens much faster if moisture is added in other ways as well.

The more moisture in a cover, the less the cover preserves the heat of your water, meaning you’ll spend more time, energy and money bringing the tub back up to temperature. Further, any dirt or oil on the hands moving the cover can promote bacteria growth, increasing the need for harsh, and sometimes expensive, chemicals.

Hot tub cover lifters probably touch the cover itself far less than you would when moving it by hand, thus reducing the amount of moisture, oil and other material that collects on the hot tub cover.

 3. Reduce Debris in Hot Tub Water

If your hot tub cover is not attached to the tub and held by a lifter it may end up on the ground when the tub is in use. This increases the chance of the cover collecting dirt, leaves, hair and any other objects that may be indoors or outdoors.

If any of this debris falls into the tub when the cover is replaced, it becomes a threat to the cleanliness of you water, not to mention the integrity of the filters, jets and other components. A hot tub cover lifter minimizes contact with the ground, in turn minimizing the debris that gets into your hot tub.

Pool on a summer day

4. Reduce Back, Shoulder, Neck and Arm Strain

Moving hot tub covers by yourself can be next to impossible, especially if you struggle with any muscular-skeletal challenges. Even with help, the cover is still bulky and awkward, and gets more so as it collects moisture over time.

A hot tub cover lifter does the heavy lifting for you. Whether you choose one that is partially manual or fully hands-free, you’ll greatly reduce the physical demands of opening your hot tub.

5. Use Your Hot Tub More Frequently

If uncovering your hot tub and ensuring the cover is properly handled, moved, placed and put back takes significant time and energy, how often are you going to do it? If the whole reason you got the hot tub was to relax, are you going to counter that benefit by straining to make the tub accessible?

A primary reason hot tubs are underused is that it’s so much work to spontaneously enjoy them. The simple solution is a hot tub cover lifter. With the push of a button you can safely and properly remove the cover and ensure it’s appropriately stored during tub use. Reduce the work you have to do while actually taking better care of your entire investment.