Young woman stretching before workout

If you’re used to only getting massages from a professional masseuse, you likely limit your sessions to once or twice per month, maximum. After all, the cost of professional massages can add up quickly.

With a massage chair, though, you have access to unlimited massages, right in your own living room. This begs the question, how often should massage chairs be used, and can you overdo it?

That’s a question we’re happy to answer. Keep reading to find out how frequently you should be using your massage chair.

Start Off Slow

When you first get your massage chair, the most important thing to remember is that your body isn’t used to getting multiple massages per week.

So, it would be wise to start off slow for the first couple of weeks. Try using your massage chair one or two times for the first week, then bump it up to three or four times during the second week.

Throughout your initial weeks with your massage chair, be sure to listen to your body. If you’re waking up the day after your massages with sore muscles, you might need to tone it down a bit.

If you consistently feel great after your massages, though, feel free to ramp it up.

Consider Your Reason for Using Your Massage Chair

Many people buy massage chairs for many different reasons. Some may have chronic pain, some may use it for post-workout relief and some may use it to relax and relieve stress.

Thinking about your reason for using a massage chair can help you determine how often you should use it.

  • Chronic pain: If you have chronic pain, you shouldn’t be afraid to use your massage chair whenever you feel that it would be helpful. Just remember to talk to your doctor before starting a regular massage chair regimen, especially if you have any injuries.
  • Post-workout recovery: If you use your massage chair to loosen tight muscles and speed up recovery after workouts, deciding how often to use your massage chair should be easy. Just kick back and enjoy a therapeutic home massage after every workout.
  • Relaxation: If you’re using your massage chair to relax and relieve stress and tension, just use your massage chair whenever you feel that you need it and take note of the results. If you find that it does help to relieve stress and you’re not experiencing excessive post-massage soreness, feel free to use it whenever you’d like.

Find a Routine That Works for You

In the end, what’s most important is that you choose a routine that works for you and your needs. If it feels good, gives you the results you’re looking for and doesn’t lead to too much post-massage soreness, continue using your massage chair as often as you’d like.

With the convenience of limitless home massages for a fraction of the cost of professional massage, you’re free to experiment until you find a frequency that works for you.