How To Move A Hot Tub On Grass

Have you ever needed to move a hot tub on grass?

If you have a hot tub, at some point you are going to need to move it. Whether you are moving it to a new location in your backyard or taking it with you to a new home, there are several ways to do it.

In this blog post, we will discuss four methods of moving a hot tub across grass or any other surface. We will go over when each method is best and how to perform the move. Most of these techniques require special equipment and at least one extra person. However, we will also give you instructions for moving your hot tub with little equipment, just in case you are in a situation where help is not available.

The best methods for moving a hot tub across grass are using a dolly, cart, or spa sled. Each method has its own benefits and drawbacks. Let’s take a closer look at each one.

Using a dolly to move your hot tub

A dolly is the most common way to move heavy objects like hot tubs. It is important to keep in mind that you won’t be using a 2-wheel dolly, which you may be familiar with, but a 4-wheeled dolly.

When using a dolly to move a hot tub through grass, it is best to use a dolly with rubber wheels that can handle the weight of the hot tub. This will make the process of going across the grass much smoother.

You will need to balance the hot tub on two of these dollies for maximum stability. You can get the hot tub on the dolly by picking up one side and placing a dolly underneath it, then do the same with the other side. Be sure to use help and proper lifting form!

Once you have the hot tub on the dollies, you can roll the hot tub across the grass. Each person should help to stabilize the tub while it is moving.

This method works best for a flat move across a yard or other flat surfaces. If transporting the hot tub through tight-fitting areas, this may not be the best method, due to the dollies not being able to hold a hot tub that is on its side, allowing it to fit through a gate or other tight squeeze.

Carting your hot tub across the grass

A cart can also be used to move a hot tub across the grass.

To use a cart, place the hot tub on the cart and secure it with straps. Then, push or pull the cart to your desired location.

You’ll want to make sure to use help to get the hot tub on the cart and lift properly to avoid injury to yourself or your hot tub.

One advantage to using a cart is that there are carts that can hold a hot tub that is flipped on its side. This makes it possible to get the cart through tight areas, such as gates.

Carts can also be fairly large, which enables them to be sturdy when supporting the weight of a hot tub, as they have a wider base and more surface area. The fact that you can strap down your tub to the cart also makes for a better move.

Again, you’ll want to use more than one person while moving the hot tub, so that it can be properly balanced while in motion. This method will be best for a longer move since stability and ease of movement will be a higher priority. 

Using a spa sled to slide your hot tub

A spa sled is a specialized piece of equipment used to move spas and hot tubs. They are made out of special materials such as Teflon, that can withstand the wear and tear of sliding across many different surfaces, such as grass, gravel or asphalt.

They come in various sizes and are great for moving hot tubs, the downside to them, is that they can be expensive to purchase. This is less than ideal for people who may only move their spa once or twice.

A spa sled is made to move a hot tub that is tilted on its side, and they work great on all kinds of surfaces. They can get tubs through many different kinds of areas and obstacles.

The side that touches the spa is made out of material that helps to keep a spa in place. However, it is still important to use two people when moving the spa, to keep it stable and safe.

You’ll get your hot tub on the sled by carefully placing the edge of the spa on it and then gently turning it onto its side on the sled. You may need to make adjustments to get the spa on it just ride.

You can then use the spa sled handles to pull your hot tub, while a helper stabilizes and pushes. A spa sled is a great way to move your spa, but they can be rather difficult to drag through grass, you can remedy this by placing small diameter PVC pipe under the sled to help it roll across the grass. 

Using PVC pipe to move your hot tub across your yard

PVC pipe can be used to move a hot tub if you have no equipment. To use PVC pipe, you’ll need two pieces of 4-inch pipe. You’ll place one piece under the side of the hot tub so that it can roll across the pipe as you push.

When the hot tub touches the ground again, you’ll place the second piece under the side, and restart the process. The hot tub will be able to pivot while on the pipe, just in case you need to turn it.

This method is best used to move your tub short distances as a last resort if none of the other methods are available. 

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Pros/Cons of moving a hot tub across the grass methods

Each of these methods has its own benefits and drawbacks.

The dolly is a common, affordable method. However, it can be hard to maneuver through tight spaces.

Carts are a sturdy, stable method of moving your spa. They also allow you to fit the spa through tight spaces. A downside to using a cart is that they don’t do well with stairs, they also raise the spa up, making height a possible issue.

Spa sleds are a great way to move your spa. They allow you to traverse stairs, squeeze into tight spaces, and don’t increase height (by much). The downside to the spa sled is that they are expensive.

PVC is cheap and can work in a pinch as a last resort. This method isn’t ideal and shouldn’t be used unless you have no other option available to you. 

Moving a Hot Tub: The Conclusion

No matter which method you choose, it is important to take your time and be careful when moving a hot tub across grass. It is also important to have help available, just in case something goes wrong.

Moving a hot tub can be difficult and dangerous, so please be careful and use caution.

Also, don’t forget to talk to your spa dealer before moving your spa. This is to help prevent damage to your spa, and to avoid voiding your spa’s warranty. Never attempt anything you aren’t comfortable with.

If you’re in doubt, you can always hire a professional!

After all that work, you deserve a relaxing soak. Here are 10 amazing benefits of using a hot tub!

Thanks for reading! Stay safe and happy. Stay hot tubbing!