When it comes to in-ground hot tub cost, there are a few things you need to consider before making your purchase. In this blog post, we will take a look at some of the expenses you are likely to face when purchasing an in-ground hot tub. We will also discuss some of the benefits of having one of these tubs in your backyard!

5 Person In Ground Hot Tub by Aqua Living

In-Ground Hot Tub Cost Factors

The cost of an in-ground hot tub can vary depending on a few factors. The size, type, and features of the tub are all going to play a role in the overall price. For example, a small, basic in-ground hot tub is going to be less expensive than a large, luxurious model with all the bells and whistles.

How To Move A Hot Tub On GrassAnother factor that will impact the cost of your in-ground hot tub is the installation. If you are planning on doing the installation yourself, then you can likely save some money. However, if you hire a professional to do the job, then it is going to add to the overall cost.

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In addition to the cost of the actual hot tub, you also need to factor in the cost of running and maintaining the tub. The electricity required to run the tub is going to add to your monthly expenses. You will also need to purchase chemicals and other supplies to keep the water clean and safe for use.

Benefits of In-Ground Hot Tubs

Now that we have looked at some of the costs associated with in-ground hot tubs, let’s take a look at some of the benefits of owning one.

Home Value & In-Ground Hot Tubs

One of the biggest advantages of these tubs is that they can add value to your home. If you ever decide to sell your house, an in-ground hot tub can possibly increase its value.


Another benefit of having an in-ground hot tub is the enjoyment factor. There is nothing quite like relaxing in a hot tub after a long day. These tubs can also be used for entertaining guests. An in-ground hot tub can be the perfect place to host a party!

Relaxation & Wellness

Aqua-Living-In Ground Hot Tub in The Virgin Islands
As with above ground hot tubs, relaxation and health benefits come with them. Being able to relax in the bubbling hot water while getting massaged from many jets helps you take the edge off a long day and really de-stress.

You also get the benefit of melting away aches and pains, as well as a stiff back and joints. Hot tubs also help with circulation, which can help a multitude of things, such as muscle recovery. Studies have even shown that hot tubs can help with falling asleep.


Having an in-ground hot will help to bring you and your loved ones together. People will be more likely to spend time together in the hot tub. They are also great for rekindling relationships and adding much needed romance to your life.

Style & Functionality

In-ground tubs can blend in with your space better than above ground tubs. They also allow you to place different materials around them since they are below the ground.

These different looking materials and textures allow you greater freedom when designing your space. With an in-ground hot tub you can design your space and express yourself just how you want! This allows you to make just the right private oasis you desire.

In-ground tubs also have added insulation from the ground which helps to save energy and money over time. It is also harder to damage a hot tub that is in-ground, since they are more protected on the outside. In-ground hot tubs are also lower than above ground tubs, which makes them easier to get into!

Parting Thoughts on In-Ground Hot Tubs

As you can see, there are both costs and benefits associated with in-ground hot tubs. Weighing these factors will help you decide if an in-ground hot tub is right for you.

While there is not an exact cost of an in-ground hot tub, you can get an idea by looking at the cost of hot tubs you like and then adding the extra expense of having them installed in-ground, wired, and the materials needed to place around and decorate them. You’re realistically looking at a couple of grand.

If you have the budget for it and want an in-ground hot tub then we say go for it! There is nothing quite like relaxing in your own backyard oasis that is exactly how you want it.