If you’re in Central or Southern Minnesota and are looking for a state-of-the-art hot tub, sauna, bath or tanning bed for an affordable price, stop by our Oakdale location—just half an hour outside of Central Minneapolis and 15 minutes outside of Downtown St. Paul—so we can help you find the best hot tub and spa product for your lifestyle.

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The Best Hot Tubs for Minneapolis Residents

At our hot tub and spa location near Minneapolis, Minnesota, our helpful and friendly staff will be glad to assist you in finding the perfect hot tub, bath, tanning bed or sauna for your needs.

Dr. Wellness G-20K Tranquility Spa

With the Dr. Wellness G-20K Tranquility Spa, you can bring the ultimate luxury experience home with you.

Just like all other spas in the Tranquility line, the Dr. Wellness G-20K Tranquility Spa is equipped with many of the best features available. In addition to an MP3 audio system, this spa includes:

  • AquaRejuvenation LED Therapy Lighting
  • 360 degree surround waterfall
  • Bluetooth capability
  • Perimeter lighting
  • 51 Alpha Series jets positioned to massage the neck, shoulders, calves and feet
  • Balboa spa equipment
  • Multi-colored underwater mood light
  • Anti-fungicide tubing
  • Multi-layered fiberglass reinforcement
  • Full foam insulation to help maintain your ideal temperature
  • Topside user-friendly system controls
  • Synthetic cabinet in the color of your choice

Plus, this spa can easily seat six people, so your whole family can enjoy its soothing and relaxing properties.

You can buy the Dr. Wellness G-20K Tranquility Spa from Aqua Living for a price so competitive, we can’t disclose it online. Please call us for additional pricing information.

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Minneapolis, Minnesota

Rich History and Modern Life

Downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota. Home to the best hot tubs in Minneapolis, Aqua Living Factory Outlets

Originally incorporated in 1867, Minneapolis is Minnesota’s most populous city. Its main industries were once lumber, milling and hydropower, Minneapolis is now a hub for the finance, health, commerce and rail and trucking industries.

Both residents and visitors alike enjoy a wide range of activities and attractions, including art museums, world-class cuisine and a multitude of lakes.

After a day of exploring the Twin Cities, strolling along the banks of the Mississippi River or hiking through Theodore Wirth Regional Park, our Minneapolis-based customers love to unwind with a soak in one of our luxurious hot tubs and beautiful spas.