Hot Tub Cover Lifter

Your new hot tub is a major financial investment. It’s also something you want to keep for several years of enjoyment. One of the easiest ways to protect your investment is a hot tub cover.

Hot tub covers both provide protection and are a type of maintenance. In fact, they can reduce the amount of maintenance you need to do on the hot tub. Additionally, some of them become a usable surface when your hot tub is not in use. Not only do they improve your hot tub space – they also increase your overall recreational space.

The following explains the major benefits of using a quality cover for your indoor or outdoor hot tub.


First and foremost is the safety of people and pets. A hot tub cover (especially one that is fastened and locked in place) can keep small children, animals and others from falling into the tub. It also prevents electronic devices and other potentially dangerous things from coming into contact with the water.

Heat Maintenance

Covering the hot tub with a dry, clean, insulated cover will keep heat in the water where it belongs. This is convenient when you want to use your tub, and it also saves energy and money by keeping the temperature closer to where you want it. If you have an outdoor tub that gets used in cold weather this is even more true.

Protection from Debris

Outdoor tubs in particular are vulnerable to leaves, dirt, dust, insects, rain and animal waste. Not only does that debris make the pool unappealing and unsanitary, but it can clog your jets, filters and other hot tub components. In addition to the money you’ll lose on heat, you’ll also spend more time and cash on repairing these damaged components.

Less Need for Water Treatment Chemicals

Chemical additives are a necessary part of keeping your hot tub safe and sanitary. However, the fewer you use the better, as the chemicals are not gentle on the skin and can become costly if you use them too quickly. Hot tub covers limit how much organic material gets into your tub when it’s not in use (leaves, dirt, even oil from human hands), thus reducing the potential for mold and bacteria growth.

Lower Maintenance Costs

As mentioned, hot tub covers maintain heat and keep out debris that can clog the tub’s parts. They also reduce the need for the chemicals that keep water sanitary. Over time, the maintenance you do and the money you spend in the absence of a cover will add up. Ultimately, a hot tub cover is a way to save money and increase the value of your investment.

Additional Surface

Some hot tub covers are strong enough to hold the weight of two adults, which means you have an additional place for people to sit when the tub is covered. If you’re concerned about losing space when you install you hot tub, simply invest in one of these strong covers to get the best of both worlds.

From safety and reduced costs to healthier skin and additional surfaces, hot tub covers are in important part of your hot tub investment. Contact your local Aqua living dealer today to learn which cover is best for you.