Hot Tub Types

When shopping for a hot tub, the number of choices can seem overwhelming. Luckily, knowing just a little bit about the different types of hot tubs available can make your decision much easier.

We’re here to teach you about the various types of hot tubs and help you determine which one is right for you:

  • 110 Volt: 110V hot tubs can be easily set up, are highly portable and don’t require any extra electrical work.
  • 220 Volt: 220V hot tubs heat up quickly, can power multiple features at once and have excellent heat retention.
  • Swim Spas: Swim spas allow users to get an effective and low-impact workout in their own home and can also be used for a relaxing soak.

Here, we’ll explain each hot tub type in greater detail.

110 Volt Hot Tubs

There’s a reason that 110 Volt (110V) hot tubs are referred to as “plug and play.” Once you bring your 110V hot tub into the backyard, you’ll be able to plug it into a normal power outlet, fill it up and start soaking, no electrician required.

Best of all, modern 110V hot tubs don’t lack all the features of traditional 220V hot tubs. With the right 110V hot tub, you won’t feel like you’re missing out.

The benefits of 110V hot tubs include:

  • No need to hire an electrician or install hardwiring.
  • Can be set up quickly and easily.
  • Can be used on rental properties.
  • Can be easily taken with you if you move.
  • Typically cost less than a 220V hot tub.
  • Offer many of the same features as 220V hot tubs.

The disadvantages of 110V hot tubs include:

  • Comparatively slow heating times.
  • Less jet pressure, depending on the model.
  • Can be difficult to simultaneously power features like jets, lights and waterfalls.
  • Can easily lose heat when the cover is off.

At Aqua Living, we carry two lines of 110V hot tubs: Hudson Bay and Plug & Power hot tubs.

Hudson Bay

Outfitted with pristine acrylic, stainless jets, mood lighting and an array of seating options, Hudson Bay 110V hot tubs can allow you to own a hot tub without breaking the bank or sacrificing luxurious features.

Let’s take a look at one of our popular Hudson Bay models:

Hudson Bay HB34

With its beautiful acrylic and spacious interior, the Hudson Bay HB34 can easily compete with any 220V model.

Features include:

  • Waterfall
  • Thirty-four stainless jets
  • Twelve multi-colored perimeter lights
  • One underwater mood light
  • Intuitive Balboa controls
  • Cushioned headrest

Plug & Power Hot Tubs

With gorgeous acrylic designs, plenty of amenities and low power requirements, Plug & Power hot tubs deliver on all fronts.

Here is one of many noteworthy Plug & Power models:

Plug & Power PP41

The Plug & Power PP41’s customizable color scheme and an array of amenities make it a joy to use.

Its features include:

  • Full foam
  • Forty-one stainless jets
  • Eight perimeter LED lights
  • User-friendly system controls
  • Cushioned headrests
  • Powerful jet pressure

220 Volt Hot Tubs

As you might imagine, the difference between 110V hot tubs and 220V hot tubs is that the 220V models take twice as much power to run. With 220V hot tubs, size is the name of the game: They have bigger heaters, pumps, and tubs than 110V hot tubs.

Benefits of 220V hot tubs include:

  • Faster heating and reheating time.
  • Able to easily power multiple features at once, such as jets, lights, waterfalls, and even entertainment systems.
  • Typically have a larger capacity than 110V hot tubs.
  • Can retain heat when the cover is off.

Disadvantages of 220V hot tubs include:

  • Less portable than 110V hot tubs.
  • Require more energy.
  • Usually cannot be installed on a rental property.
  • Take longer to set up and get started.

At Aqua Living, we carry three lines of 220V hot tubs: Dr. Wellness Tranquility, Catalina Luxury, and Dr. Wellness Lifestyle.

Dr. Wellness Hot Tubs

Dr. Wellness hot tubs are among our best-selling products for good reason: Each Dr. Wellness Tranquility hot tub boasts exceptional quality and reliability.

Let’s check out one customer favorite:

Dr. Wellness G-60 Tranquility Spa

The stunning Dr. Wellness G-60 Tranquility Spa is as gorgeous as it is technologically advanced.

Features include:

• Patent-pending LED lighting technology
• MP3 audio system with built-in speakers and subwoofer
• Bluetooth capability
• Waterfall
• Balboa spa controller
• Comfort cushion headrests
• Forty-eight black and chrome jets

Dr. Wellness Lifestyle

Let’s look at one of our Dr. Wellness Lifestyle model hot tubs for sale:

Dr. Wellness X-3 Lifestyle Spa

The roomy Dr. Wellness X-3 Lifestyle Spa is available in three different colors and comes standard with plenty of luxurious features.

Its features include:

• Waterfall
• Energy saver equipment
• Fifty-one jets and two to seven jet massage inserts
• User-friendly system controls

Catalina Luxury

Catalina Luxury hot tubs are as good as it gets. Their stunning design, premium-quality components and exceptional performance are simply peerless.

Here’s one of our highest-rated models:

Catalina Luxury Nantucket

From its elegant color schemes to its lavish amenities, the Catalina Luxury Nantucket is without comparison.

Some of its features include:

• LED backlit magnetic pillow, water spouts, cascading spillway, crystal jets, cupholders and controls
• Two LED floating crystal balls
• Two LED water fountains
• Advanced Gecko K-1000 spa controls

Swim Spas

Last but not least is the swim spa. Engineered to allow users to swim continuously against a current, swim spas provide an excellent way to get an effective workout in your own backyard.

Benefits of swim spas include:

• Low-impact exercise that’s easy on joints.
• Can serve as a relaxing hot tub as well as an exercise machine.

Disadvantages of swim spas include:

• More energy is required to maintain a strong current.

At Aqua Living, we carry two lines of swim spas: Catalina Swim Spas and Dr. Wellness Swim Spas

Catalina Swim Spas

As with all Catalina products, Catalina Swim Spas perfectly combine luxury and functionality.

Here’s one of our favorite Catalina Swim Spa models:

Catalina Newporter Swim Spa

Crafted from beautifully colored acrylic and premium materials, the Catalina Newporter is the ultimate swim spa.

Its features include:

• Two river jets
• Twenty-eight stainless jets
• Generous 1,300-gallon capacity
• Optional additional workout equipment, such as a swim pole and harness
• Optional luxury accessories, such as an LED light system

Dr. Wellness Swim Spas

Starting at affordable prices and sporting state-of-the-art technology, Dr. Wellness Swim Spas are beloved by many of our customers.

Let’s look at one notable model:

Dr. Wellness E-8 Swim Spa

With its classic color scheme and cutting-edge amenities, the Dr. Wellness E-8 Swim Spa leaves nothing to be desired.

Its features include:

• Pro Swim MP3 sound system with built-in speakers and subwoofer
• Twenty-four perimeter lights
• Balboa spa controls
• Sixty adjustable aquatic resistance jets

With a base knowledge of the different types of hot tubs available, deciding which one is right for you can be a straightforward process.

To see various examples of each hot tub type, take a look at our full selection of high-quality, American-made hot tubs.