The better you maintain your new tub from Aqua Living, the longer your health and relaxation investment will last. Here we’ll explain how to keep your jetted bath or hot tub clean for the utmost in sanitation and function.

Cleaning Jetted Bathtubs

Typically installed in a bathroom, jetted bathtubs are used frequently – perhaps daily. While they are drained with each use and do not require the chemicals of hot tubs and spas, some cleaning maintenance is required for the jet components.

Follow these tips for all water and air-jetted Signature bathtubs:

  • Avoid using bubble bath or oil-based additives and drain the bathtub after each use.
  • Clean the surface of the bathtub frequently with a soft cloth. Use a solution of mild liquid detergent and warm water. Rinse well after each cleaning.
  • Read all cleaning product labels before using to ensure cleaners state they are safe specifically for acrylic surfaces. Certain cleaners will permanently damage the bathtub surface.
  • Do not use scouring pads, aerosol sprays marketed for sink/bath/tile cleaning, harsh/abrasive chemicals, ammonia-based products (often used for window cleaning) or disinfectant sprays.
  • Never circulate drain cleaner in the bathtub or its components; it will seriously damage the bathtub.

The following instructions are from the manufacturers’ manuals for our major jetted bathtub lines:

Cleaning After every use:

Clean the suction cover of hair and lint. Then rinse the bathtub.

Cleaning Once a month:

  1. Fill the bathtub to above the jets with hot water.
  2. Add an acrylic surface-safe sanitizer following the directions on the sanitizer’s label. Never use hand/dish soap, laundry detergent or any cleaner that creates suds.
  3. Run the pump for 10 minutes, then drain the tub.
  4. Refill the tub, this time with cold water to 2 inches above the jets.
  5. Turn on the jets and allow them to run for 15 minutes, then drain the tub again.

Air Baths

Every time these bathtubs are used and drained, water gets into the air jets and airlines whether the blower is turned on or not. This water must be removed after each tub use.

Once the tub is drained, turn the blower on and let it run for two to five minutes (depending on model) to fully purge the jets. After the purge, turn the blower off.

The Signature Air Bath Luxury Plus runs an automatic purge cycle with each use to remove water from the air jets. The cycle begins on its own 15 minutes after the system stops.

Cleaning Jetted Hot Tubs and Spas

Because jetted hot tubs and spas are not emptied after each use, keeping them clean is an ongoing process that maintains the water as well as the tub itself.

Maintain Water Quality

Numerous factors impact the quality and purity of your hot tub’s water:

  • How often the tub gets used.
  • How much water is in the tub.
  • Water temperature.
  • How many people use the tub.
  • Seasonal factors – air temperature, pollen in the air, insects, etc.

To ensure your hot tub water is safe for use and won’t damage the tub, test it twice a week to check alkalinity, pH, calcium hardness and sanitizer levels. Then add chemicals as needed for your particular tub and use habits.

Clean the Filter

Clean your filter every two to four weeks to make certain it’s keeping debris from clogging the various components of your hot tub.

After manually turning off the ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI), remove the filter according to the instructions in your manual. Rinse the filter with a garden hose high-pressure spray nozzle, making sure to spry between each pleat.

You can deep clean the filter by soaking it in filter cleaner, rinsing it and gently brushing between the pleats once it’s dry. However, the recommendation is to replace the filter every three months.

Clean the Hot Tub and Its Components

The acrylic hot tub surface should be occasionally wiped with warm water and a soft cloth. Do not use:

  • Household cleaners/detergent, which may leave a residue.
  • Abrasive/ammonia/citrus-based cleaners, which will damage the acrylic.
  • Any chemicals that might react negatively with those used to maintain tub water chemistry.

Spa cabinet panels may simply be rinsed rom a hose or rubbed with a damp, soft cloth. Abrasive cleaners and high-pressure hoses may scar the cabinet.

Spa pillows should be wiped off occasionally and treated with a non-alcohol, non-oil based vinyl protector. If the tub isn’t used for prolonged periods, store dry pillows elsewhere. Replace any pillows with punctures and/or exposed foam.

Jets should be cleaned each time you drain the spa or if they become difficult to rotate. Ensure the GFCI is off, then rotate jets counter clockwise until they reach the built-in “stop.” Gently pull the jet out to remove it from the jet housing. Soak jets overnight in white vinegar then rinse with warm water. Stubborn dirt can be removed with a soft bristle brush, but never use steel wool or a wire brush.

Lights are housed under a permanently installed lens cover, which can be wiped with an eyewear cleaning cloth when the spa is drained. If the underside of the lens cover is dirty, open the cabinet panel, remove the bulb and wipe with eyewear-safe cleaner and cloth. Be sure the bulb is properly replaced before reinstalling the cabinet panel. Do not try to remove the lens cover or clean the backs of the perimeter lighting lens covers.

Audio/video systems are built-in. Clean the speaker covers and docking station compartments with soft, dry cloths to remove residue and prevent discoloration.

Spa cover vinyl should be cleaned with a soft sponge three or four times a year with mild dish soap diluted in warm water. Once the cover is dry, wipe it with an oil free, non-alcohol and non-chlorine based vinyl protector.

Decontaminate the Hot Tub

If algae develops in your spa you will need to decontaminate the hot tub before it is safe to use. Follow these steps from the manufacturer:

  1. Remove all pillows, filters and the filter basket assembly. Ensure all pumps are operable and that all jets and air valves are open. Cover diverter valves (for splash protection) and put them in the center position to allow even circulation throughout the entire spa.
  2. Turn on all pumps at low speed. Fill a two gallon or larger bucket with warm water and carefully mix in 2.5 ounces of sodium di-chlor for every 100 gallons of water in the hot tub. Gently pour the water-chemical mixture into the filter housing, then turn all pumps to their highest speed. Let the water circulate, uncovered and attended, for one hour.
  3. After an hour, turn off all pumps and manually turn the GFCI off. Drain the aps and refill it according to the manual’s directions. Put a new filter in the foot well so it can become saturated as the spa fills up. Add chemicals as needed to maintain the water chemistry.

Jetted bathtubs and hot tubs require cleaning maintenance if you want to protect your investment long term. Regular cleaning and water testing are simple tasks that can significantly extend the life of your investment. Contact your Aqua Living dealer today for more information.