No one wants to rest their head or neck on a slimy, discolored hot tub pillow. Fortunately, your spa pillows are one of the simplest parts of the system to maintain. When they’ve reached the end of their life, pillows are also very easy to replace.

Hot Tub Pillows

Caring for Hot Tub Pillows

Just like any component of your hot tub, your pillows are best protected by a clean filter, clean spa and proper chemical treatment.

When you first install and fill your hot tub, wait to add your pillows until the spa is full and the water has been treated. An hour after treatment, if the cover was left off, the vapors should have dissipated enough for you to put the pillows in place.

If you need to perform a decontamination on your hot tub, remove the pillows before beginning. Decontamination produces excessive chemical vapors, and removing the pillows will protect them from any negative effects.

Even the smallest puncture in the vinyl of your hot tub pillow is cause for replacement. Water is likely to get into the puncture and allow bacteria and mildew to grow on the foam inside.

Cleaning Hot Tub Pillows

Illuminated Hot Tub PillowThe vinyl on your hot tub pillows is water-resistant, keeping the foam inside free of moisture and mildew.

With use, the pillows will eventually have a build up of chemical residue, as well as residue from bathers and skin products. Prevent discoloration and deterioration by regularly wiping the pillows off with a soft cloth.

In the case of pillow mildew, dilute a small amount of mild detergent and bleach in warm water and clean the pillow with a soft brush or sponge. Clean every inch to make sure the mildew is gone and won’t regrow. Be sure to also clean the area under your hot tub pillow with a soft cloth.

After the pillow vinyl is clean, treat it with a non-alcohol-based vinyl protector (alcohol may cause deterioration). Oil-based vinyl protectors should also be avoided, as the oil isn’t good for water chemistry and clarity.

If your hot tub won’t be in use for a prolonged period, remove the pillows. Ensure that they’re completely dry before storing them.

The pillows may be one of the least complicated parts of your hot tub, but it’s important to keep them sanitary for the health and comfort of bathers. Contact your local Aqua Living dealer with any questions about caring for your pillows.