How does a hot tub increase the size of your tiny home?

Tiny home hots tubs change the game! If you’re looking to increase the size of your living space by moving it outdoors then a hot tub is the perfect addition to your tiny home. It can also increase the value of your tiny home!

Whether you’re considering building a tiny home, you already live in a tiny home, or you want to rent out a tiny home, you may be wondering if it’s worth adding a hot tub. The answer is: absolutely! Hot tubs offer unique hydrotherapy benefits! Here are four reasons why having a hot tub with your tiny home is a smart move.

1. Increase Value

Tiny homes make great rentals. People love the idea of spending time in a small, cozy space, and with a hot tub on-site, you can increase the value of your rental property. A hot tub helps to give your tiny house more appeal. People are more apt to want to stay in a tiny home with a hot tub that allows them the option to relax whenever they choose. If you have tiny homes that you rent out for glamping or as an Airbnb, you could be missing out on an increased monthly profit. Simply adding a hot tub to your space can optimize its earning potential.

Hot Tub Therapy under the stars

2. Prep for the future

Tiny homes are becoming more and more popular. As this trend continues to grow, the demand for tiny homes with hot tubs will continue to rise. If you add hot tubs to your rental units or your personal tiny home now, you’ll be prepared for the future. You may want to sell your tiny home or rent it out one day, and when that time comes, you’ll get the most out of your property or properties.

3. Experience

A hot tub is a great way to relax after a long day. It’s a great place to entertain and enjoy a nice view. You can enjoy the outdoors in any weather. When you have hot tub, you’ll aways have a romantic place to spend time with that special someone in your life. Tiny homes are easy to place in scenic places, which makes them ideal for glamping and rental situations. The cozy tiny home experience is enhanced when you have that personal spa a few steps from your front door. Imagine, spending the day hiking a picturesque landscape and enjoying outdoor activities, then coming home to a nice spa experience before heading into your cozy hideaway. It doesn’t get much better than that. It could be for you or for patrons, but the point remains the same, a hot tub will enhance any tiny house experience.

4. Attachment

If you’re thinking of buying or building your own tiny home, regardless of if it’s for personal or business purposes, you may have wondered if you can have a hot tub attached to your tiny home. After all, half the allure of the tiny home is freedom and relaxation, right? There is good news, you can attach a hot tub to a tiny house! Tiny home hot tubs let you take leisure and enjoyment with you wherever you go. Wherever you the wind takes you, the benefits of hydrotherapy follow. Recover from that grueling bike ride, hike a little longer, soothe those aching feet, your tub will be there waiting for your return from whatever adventure you tackled for the day.

This tiny house put a small hot tub inside!

Tiny home hot tubs make it fun to live in such a small space

Great options for your tiny home

Looking for the perfect hot tub to pair with your tiny home? We’ve got you covered.

Hudson Bay HB450R Perfect hot tub for a tiny home

The Hudson Bay HB450R Hot Tub is perfect for anyone looking for a little relaxation after a long day spent outdoors. This rugged yet elegant tub yearns for adventure. It comes with a multi-colored underwater mood light to set the perfect tone, and an ozonator to keep maintenance time down. There are 27 stainless jets that provide the relaxing massage your body needs, and digital controls for easy use. It’s available in Coastal Gray or Mocha finish to look great anywhere. This hot tub is roto molded right here in the USA by skilled technicians, so it will be there to melt away the aches and pains for years to come.


Tiny home hot tubs allow you to embrace freedom and relaxation with the tiny home & hot tub combo. You’ll have the perfect place to relax when your home, and relaxation waiting on you when you’re gone. Get the most out of your property, get the ultimate tiny home experience, get a hot tub!

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