There are many benefits to owning a Hot Tub and more than a few ways hot tubs improve your health. It is the perfect way to relax after a long day or just get away from it all. Hot Tubs also provide immense health benefits, so if you’re looking for one of the best investments you can make in your health, you should consider purchasing one!

We’ve compiled the top five ways that Hot Tubs improve your health and well-being.

Hot Tubs help with muscle recovery – one of our favorite ways hot tubs improve your heath!

Hot Tubs Improve Your Health by relaxing your muscles

Hot Tubs are the perfect environment for muscles to relax and recover. Hot Tub heat therapy is known as “thermotherapy.” Hot water can be used therapeutically for many health issues, including arthritis, fibromyalgia, back pain, and more. Hot water also works in a similar way that compression does, which is how it helps with muscle recovery. Hot Tubs have been shown to reduce inflammation in muscles by up to 80%! Tubs are a great way to reduce pain and relax your muscles after a long day of working out too.

Speaking of working out, if you are a serious athlete, triathlete or fitness-minded person our line of Swim Spas may be the best option for you. Not only do they offer all the therapeutic benefits of a Hot Tub, but you can also get fit! With our AnyTemp® System you can enjoy daily hydrotherapy, exercise, training, or swimming outdoors year-round. Unlike other popular styles of exercise, swimming is a way to fit cardio into your workout routine without putting stress on your bones, joints and muscles. There are many great exercising options for any level of individual in one of our Swim Spas.

Hot Tubs can improve your immune system and general health.

Making your immune system run better is just one way Hot Tubs Improve Your Health

Hot Tubs are the perfect way to get clean. Hot water helps open up pores and helps with the detoxification of your skin, which makes it easier for you to fight off sicknesses like colds or the flu! Hot Tubs also provide immense health benefits by increasing blood flow around your body while relaxing in hot water. Hot water can also help with stimulating your lymphatic system, which helps you fight off sickness.

Hot Tubs have been shown to lower blood pressure and improve cholesterol levels. Studies have found that Hot Tub use has significant positive effects on both blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Hot Tubs have been shown to lower blood pressure up to 30 points, which is a significant drop! Hot Tub use can also help with lowering LDL or “bad” cholesterol by as much as 20% for people who struggle with high cholesterol.

Hot Tubs promote weight loss.

Hot tubs can help you lose a little weight and improve your health
Hot Tubs are a great addition to any workout routine because they not only increase muscle recovery but they speed up weight loss too! Hot Tubs improve your circulation, which means your body can more efficiently use fat for energy. Hot water also speeds up the resting metabolism of your body, meaning you burn calories even while not exercising! If you want to lose five pounds in one week, all you need is 30 minutes in a Hot Tub each day over seven days – try doing crunches or squats while in your Hot Tub too!

Hot Tubs help with stress relief.

Hot Tubs help to loweryour stress levels - we all want less stress

Hot Tubs are a great way to relax and relieve tension from all of the stresses you’re going through every day. Whether it’s work, school, or family, Hot Tubs can provide immense benefits by helping you feel calm and relaxed. Hot water also increases the temperature in our brain causing us to release endorphins (our bodies’ natural feel-good chemicals). This causes you to feel relaxed while increasing serotonin levels in your body. Hot Tubs also provide a place for you to get away from it all and meditate or find some inner peace. Hot Tub meditation can be an excellent way to relieve stress as well. Our Tranquility Series Hot Tubs by Dr. Wellness are some of the best Hot Tubs for creating your own utopia.

Hot tubs help you get to sleep and get a better nights rest

Hot Tubs help you sleep better.

Hot tubs help you sleep better at night. Stress can keep us awake or cause insomnia but Hot Tubbing before bed has shown some impressive results on improving people’s sleeping patterns – especially when they’re stressed out! Hot Tubs help you sleep better at night by increasing melatonin production in your body. Hot water decreases cortisol levels while also releasing endorphins that will make it easier for you to fall asleep faster. The heat from the hot water calms your body down, making it easier to get restful shut-eye without all of that tossing and turning throughout the night. Hot Tubs are the perfect addition to your bedtime routine. Hot water is also known for its weight loss benefits, which can help you get more restful sleep too! Hot Tubbing before bed has shown huge positive results in people who struggle with insomnia or have trouble sleeping at night due to stress and being overworked.

These benefits make Hot Tubs a great addition to any lifestyle. Whether our introductory Hudson Bay Series or our luxury Catalina Series let us help find a way to improve your heath and wellness by owning a Hot Tub.  A Hot Tub works wonders for both body and mind! If you’re looking into buying a Hot Tub, then check out our guide HERE or give us a call…423-349-2900