Have you ever taken a dip in your hot tub and noticed those unsightly scum lines that just won’t seem to go away? It can be really frustrating! So, what causes these scum lines, and more importantly, how can you prevent them from forming in the first place? In this blog post, we will explore some of the most common causes of scum lines in hot tubs and offer some tips on how to get rid of them for good!

How to clean scum lines in hot tubs

Personal Hygiene & Hot Tub Scum Lines 

One of the most common causes of scum lines in hot tubs is bodily residue. When you get in your hot tub, you are essentially getting in with all of your dead skin, hair, body oils, and sweat. This can create a perfect environment for bacteria to thrive and creates an ideal situation for scum lines to form. Make sure that you rinse off your body before entering your spa. You’ll know if the scum in your tub is caused by bodily residue when it is blue/green in color. It is important to note that the blue/green scum could be caused by a combination of other factors, meaning varied forms of treatment will be necessary. 

Personal care products = scum lines

Another common cause of scum lines are personal care products. Shampoo, deodorant, perfume, aftershave, and lotions can all contribute to the formation of scum lines. This is because they can interact with the water and the chemicals in it, which can then lead to the formation of scum. This will also cause blue/green scum and will require various forms of treatment to remedy, such as water clarifier and changing your filter. Removing all of the aforementioned contaminants, if possible, is recommended before entering your spa. This help to keep the build-up of these substances to a minimum. 

Metals make scum lines in hot tubs

Naturally occurring metals in your hot tub water such as magnesium, copper, and iron, can react with the chemicals in the water. This can cause a green scum. When this happens, you will need to remove the scum from your hot tub. Using a metal sequestrant will help the metal to solidify and clump together. This makes it easier to remove. 

Scum is caused by bad water chemistry

Finally, bad water chemistry can also be a contributing factor to scum lines. If your water is unbalanced – particularly if you have a high PH level, your hot tub is at risk to develop scum. If this occurs, you will need to use a water clarifier and balance the PH level of the water to get rid of this scum. Talk to your spa dealer about what treatment products are best for your spa. 

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Best Low Maintenance Hot Tubs By Aqua LivingSaying goodbye to scum lines

One of the best ways to prevent scum lines is to keep your hot tub clean. This means regularly cleaning the filter and making sure that the water chemistry is well balanced. You should also avoid getting any personal care products or soaps in your hot tub as much as possible, as this can contribute to the formation of scum.

If you already have scum lines in your hot tub, don’t worry – there are ways to get rid of them! One way to remove scum lines is to use a soft microfiber cloth and a little cleaner designed specifically for hot tubs. Make sure to try not to get any cleaner into the water. Avoid using any harsh chemicals or cleaners, as this can damage your hot tub.

Great features to cut down on scum

Some hot tubs come equipped with features that make maintenance easier, so you can spend less time maintaining and more time relaxing. It just so happens that many of these features also help to keep your hot tub cleaner. This naturally helps to keep scum at bay. So, if you’re in the market for a hot tub and you’re worried about scum, consider a low-maintenance tub! We’ve got a great read for you that includes the features you’ll want to look for as well as some model suggestions. Check out our blog: aqualivingstores.com/blog/best-low-maintenance-hot-tubs and find out how to make the most of your relaxation time!


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With these tips, you should be able to get rid of those pesky hot tub scum lines for good! So next time you’re ready to take a dip in your hot tub, you can do so without worry. 

Don’t forget to always check with your hot tub dealer on what is best for your spa!

Happy soaking!