Astronaut floating in space

Imagine that you’re just getting home from a long, tiring day of work. Or, perhaps you’re returning from a grueling workout, or are relaxing after standing on your feet for hours.

You head to your living room, sit down in your massage chair and press a button on the remote control. The chair begins to recline, and before long, you feel a strange sensation.

It’s as if you’re completely weightless. Your muscles relax, your joints feel no pressure and the chair’s rollers are kneading you into a sense of bliss.

This is the kind of treatment you can expect from a zero-gravity massage chair. But what is a zero-gravity massage chair and how does it work?

The Zero Gravity Position

Zero-gravity massage chair position diagram

The zero gravity position is the name given to the position assumed by astronauts when launching into space.

Designed by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) itself, the zero gravity position (known officially as the neutral body posture) is carefully calculated to reduce all pressure on the body, mimicking the effects of a zero gravity environment.

As you can see in the illustration above, the position is comprised of several ultra-precise angles which account for every body part from head to toe.

This position allows astronauts to endure the extreme pressure experienced during liftoff on space missions.

Needless to say, it’s engineered with surgical accuracy to be the most comfortable position possible.

Zero Gravity Massage Chairs

By perfectly replicating the zero gravity position as designed by NASA, zero gravity massage chairs recreate the unbelievably tranquil sensation of floating in water (or space).

Plus, the addition of massaging rollers, circulation-promoting airbags, and soothing heat make the experience even more serene.

People with chronic pain, injuries and generally exhausted muscles and joints will find that zero gravity chairs provide welcomed relief.

Is a Zero-Gravity Massage Chair Right for You?

No matter your reasons for purchasing a massage chair of your own, you’re sure to be delighted with the comfort and relaxation that the zero gravity position provides.

You’ll love a zero gravity massage chair if you:

  • Are seeking relief from tense muscles and aching joints.
  • Spend a lot of time on your feet, sitting at a desk or exercising.
  • Want to combine a weightless sensation with a full-body massage.
  • Are looking for a deeper sense of relaxation than standard massage chairs can provide.

If you’re thinking about getting a zero gravity massage chair, go for it. You and your body will be glad you did.