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If you want a professional to help you every step of the way ask for Danielle. She made sure I got everything I needed and made sure I understood how to care for my G-2 Tranquility Spa. The guy that delivered my hot tub that Danielle suggested was awesome.

Within 30 minutes of their arrival, my tub was set up and they were gone. I have already been in my hot tub twice and I received it two days ago. This is the bomb!!!!!

Karen T – Tennessee

“Love the G7!”

We did our looking around at several showrooms, but so glad we found Aqua Living on the web and decided to take a look. Gary was great with information and able to answer all our questions without any pressure.

After some thought, we purchased the G-7 and just love it. Both Gary and the customer service have been wonderful to work with. Anyone that I know that is interested in a Hot Tub I will send Gary’s way!!!!

Shelly L – Michigan

“Absoluetly Amazing!”

I cannot recommend this place enough. They have been absolutely amazing from start to finish of my hot tub purchase and set up. Steve and Jason both are great and their delivery service crew also. I am beyond pleased with all of them and will continue to use no one but them in the future.

Christy C – Florida


Benefits of
Our Spas

Our spas introduce new leves of comfort and relaxation into your life. But beyond the plesure of soaking,these spas offfer real health benefits. You can improve your life with calming hydrotheraphy for pain and stress relief.
No matter your goal,we have a spa that fits your needs.
We even offer swim spas for athletes and physical therapy.



Take a virtual of one of our showrooms.

With detailed information on each of the hot tubs,

you will discover new features and what to look

for when picking out your dream spa.



Take a virtual of one of our showrooms.

With detailed information on each of the hot tubs,

you will discover new features and what to look

for when picking out your dream spa.


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Below are must have products from our top sellers. Spending a few minutes in a hot tub or spa every day will change your life.

Browse a huge selection of Hot Tubs & Spas and many Spa Accessories available from reputable brands such as Dr. Wellness, Hudson Bay, and Plug & Power available at affordable prices from Aqua Living Factory Outlets. We are the largest hot tub retailer in the United States with over 50 locations across the country and offer financing options for many of our spa products. Find a location that works best for you.

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