If you’re unfamiliar with the world of indoor tanning, it may seem like all tanning beds are the same. In reality, that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

There’s a wide array of tanning beds available for every want and need, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned tanning pro.

Here, we’ll take a look at five extraordinary tanning beds to get you started:

1. Lay-down tanning beds.
2. Stand-up tanning beds.
3. Tanning beds with face lamps.
4. 110V tanning beds.
5. 220V tanning beds.

1. Lay-Down Tanning Beds

Solar Storm 24 Lamp 220V Home Tanning Bed With Face Tanning Lamps

If we ask you to picture a tanning bed, a lay-down tanning bed will likely be the first thing that comes to mind. Lay-down tanning beds are extremely common and can be found in nearly every tanning salon.

Although they have a large footprint thanks to their horizontal orientation, lay-down tanning beds are favored by many users. That’s because they offer users the ability to kick back and relax while getting a beautiful tan at the same time.

The Solar Storm tanning bed pictured above features 24 lamps, face tanning lamps and the largest surface area of any home tanning bed on the market.

2. Stand-Up Tanning Beds

Standing Tanning Bed

Solar Storm 48ST 220V Stand-Up Tanning Bed

Typically found in higher-end tanning salons, stand-up tanning beds are less common than lay-down tanning beds. However, they offer several benefits that lay-down tanning beds do not.

First, since no part of your body will be touching the tanning bed directly, you’ll get a nice, even tan without any pale spots.

Second, stand-up tanning beds use more powerful bulbs than lay-down beds, meaning you’ll get your desired tan in a much shorter amount of time.

In fact, stand-up tanning beds typically take half the time of lay-down beds to achieve the same result.

Finally, stand-up tanning beds take up much less space than their lay-down counterparts, meaning they can be placed in smaller rooms. This can be a fantastic benefit for at-home users with limited space.

The Solar Storm stand-up tanning bed pictured above features 48 powerful lamps and high-gloss aluminum reflectors for maximum tanning efficiency.

3. Tanning Beds With Face Lamps

Tanning Beds With Face Lamps

Solar Storm 32 Lamp 110V Home Tanning Bed With Face Tanning Lamps

If you’re looking to get a bronzed face and even all-over tan, however, a tanning bed equipped with face tanning lamps will be perfect for you.

Tanning beds with face tanning lamps often also provide users with reflectors designed specifically to expose the face to the tanning UVA and UVB rays as much as possible.

The Solar Storm tanning bed shown above features 32 lamps, including eight face lamps and several high-gloss aluminum reflectors.

4. 110V Tanning Beds

Solar Wave 16L 110V Home Tanning Bed

Imagine if you could purchase your own tanning bed at a low cost, bring it home, plug it in and immediately start tanning?

With 110V tanning beds, that’s exactly what you can do. Since these home tanning beds can be plugged into any ordinary household outlet, there’s no extra cost for special electrical wiring.

Plus, since they’re wired for standard electrical outlets they also cost less than tanning beds with higher voltage.

For those reasons, 110V tanning beds are typically the most popular amongst home users.

The Solar Wave home tanning bed pictured above can be plugged into any normal outlet and features 16 high-efficiency lamps, high-performance acrylic sheets and a large tanning area.

5. 220V Tanning Beds

Solar Storm 32 Lamp 220V Home Tanning Bed With Face Tanning Lamps

Although 110V tanning beds offer convenience and easy installation, 220V tanning beds are capable of powering high-wattage bulbs.

This translates to a quicker tan, meaning less time spent in the tanning bed and more time spent enjoying your tan.

For users who want the most efficient and long-lasting tan possible, a 220V tanning bed will be a perfect choice.

The only downside is that home users will likely have to arrange for special electrical wiring to be installed.

The Solar Storm 220V tanning bed shown above features 32 ultra-powerful 100W lamps, an extra-large tanning surface and high-gloss aluminum reflectors for an even glow.

Of course, there are far more than five tanning beds to choose from when shopping for yours. Within each category is an array of different models, all designed to cater to a different set of wants and needs.

Whether you’re looking for an ultra-efficient stand-up tanning bed or a relaxing lay-down bed equipped with face lamps, there’s a tanning bed that’s perfect for you.