Exercising in a swim spa by Catalina swim spas

In our article on the top five swim spa FAQs, we explained how swimming can positively impact your health. As a full-body workout, swimming can boost endurance and heart health, burn calories and increase muscle strength.

But what are some specific exercises you can do to stay in shape through 2019 and beyond?

Keep reading to discover five fantastic swim spa exercises you can do to get fit:

  1. Aqua cycling.
  2. Aqua jogging.
  3. Underwater strength training.
  4. Kickbacks.
  5. Swimming laps.

1. Aqua Cycling

Cycling, even out of the water, is an effective and easy form of exercise. It’s low impact, strengthens the heart and tones the leg and core muscles.

Aqua cycling, however, offers even more benefits. All you’ll need is a stationary aqua swim bike.

With the added resistance of water, you’ll be able to work your leg muscles even more. Plus, the water will support the knee, ankle and foot joints, making your workout even more comfortable.

To get started with aqua cycling, try cycling at a low to moderate speed for five to ten minutes and a higher speed for 30 seconds to a couple minutes. Take a breather, then repeat if you can.

As your legs and core get better at aqua cycling, you’ll be able to do more repetitions at greater speeds.

2. Aqua Jogging

Although jogging on land is a popular form of exercise, it’s known to have its downsides. Most notably, many people find jogging to be hard on the knees over time.

For those with joint conditions or a long history of jogging, that damage may even be permanent.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t jog at all, though. With the help of aqua jogging, you can enjoy all the benefits of jogging minus the joint damage.

Plus, aqua jogging can provide you with an even better workout than you’d get on land thanks to the added challenge of water resistance.

You can either jog in place or use a stationary aqua swim treadmill. As with aqua cycling, start by jogging at a low or moderate pace for five to 10 minutes. Then, take a quick break and repeat if you’re able to.

3. Underwater Strength Training

In recent years, underwater strength training has only become more popular, and for good reason.

With the weightless sensation of an underwater environment, pressure on the joints is relieved. This will allow you to lift weights with better form for longer periods of time.

Additionally, you’ll be forced to engage your core and back more than you would on land. Because of this, you’ll be able to tone your whole body, not just your arms.

To start building muscle in your swim spa, you’ll need some underwater dumbbells or ankle weights. These are available in a variety of sizes, weights and buoyancy levels.

To start, simply perform some basic dumbbell exercises. You can try bicep curls, lateral raises, hammer curls and more. Do a set of 10-20, take a quick break, and repeat.

If you’re using ankle weights, try using them while you perform kickbacks as described in the next tip.

4. Kickbacks

Underwater kickbacks are an incredible way to workout your glutes and core. With regular kickbacks, you’ll be able to firm both your abs and backside.

This exercise is also exceptionally easy to learn. Start by gripping either the rim of your swim spa or its included exercise bar with both hands. Stand up straight with your feet directly below your shoulders.

Then lift one leg backwards, keeping your knee as straight as you can. Continue until your leg is elevated as high as you can reach, then bring it back down.

Do a set of 10 on each leg, then repeat if you’re able.

5. Swimming Laps

No guide to swim spa exercises would be complete without the most obvious one: swimming laps. After all, that’s what your swim spa is built for.

All you need to do is set your spa’s current to a comfortable speed and start swimming. If you’re a beginner, start by doing the stroke that feels best to you.

As you get stronger and improve your swimming skills, you can move on to a greater variety of strokes. Some of the most common strokes include the front crawl, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly stroke.

With any of these five exercises, you’ll be able to maintain and increase your fitness year-round. Pick your favorites, hop in your swim spa and get ready to be in the best shape of your life.