Looking to change up Valentine’s Day? We’ve got 5 unique Valentine’s Day hot tub and spa experiences that will make this and all the years after a day to remember. 

It’s estimated that there are over 7.3 million hot tubs in the US, making hot tubs a popular option for a lot of backyards across America!

This changes the way you feel about coming home after a tough day at work. Having a hot tub makes it feel more like you’re coming home to a vacation instead of coming home to chores.

You can enjoy the luxury of having a spa in your own home.

Hot tubs aren’t just relaxing, they also have the possibility of being the perfect date night. Valentine’s Day hot tub ideas are endless in creating an extra special experience.

Many couples go out of their way to create a glamorous Valentine’s Day date, but nothing sets a more exciting and passionate mood than a hot tub!

Keep reading to find out what valentine’s day hot tub date ideas you can use.

5 Unique Valentine's Day Hot Tub and Spa Experiences

1. Create a Hot Tub Date

One of the best options you have for a Valentine’s Day date is a date in the spa.

Spas can be romantic for couples no matter how long they have been together.

You can create a dreamy vibe with the relaxing hot water and jets, ambient lighting, and gentle music. Light a few candles or put some tiki torches around for an extra touch. 

You can enjoy your favorite bottle of wine along with a fancy meal or sweets. It is easy to set up a spa with tables or seats around it for holding these items.

This is the perfect way to wind down after a long day and enjoy each other’s company in the privacy of your own home. It doesn’t take a lot of time or effort but still creates an exciting and intimate experience.

We want to make it easy for you to shop for your spa! Create an appointment and meet with one of our hot tub experts who will walk you through the perfect 

2. Spas Make a Perfect Movie Night

You can also create a hot tub setting perfect for a movie night. Some homeowners even have their spa set up in front of a TV to make this easier!

If you don’t have a TV in front of your spa, you can just spend a little time and either move your TV in front of your hot tub, set up a projector and project a movie from your laptop onto your house or screen!

This creates a fantastic and relaxing environment for a low-maintenance Valentine’s Day.

Turn on the hot tub features to create the vibe you’re going for! 

Bubbles and waterfalls make the perfect atmosphere to enjoy your favorite Valentine’s Day movies.

3. Hot Tubs Can Create a Romantic Surprise

One of these common Valentine’s Day ideas is to create a surprise for your loved one. You can go out of your way to set up the hot tub to enjoy a Valentine’s Day date.

You can add rose petals to the water to set the mood. Twinkle lights also add a lot to the atmosphere as well as hot tub lighting.

You can make sure it’s just the two of you at home so you can enjoy a romantic evening. This is an especially good idea if your loved one has had a hard day at work.

This allows the two of you to enjoy each other’s company in relaxing water without having to go out. Keeps the romance alive and makes your loved one feel appreciated.

Set The Mood on Valentines Day with Candles

4. Enjoy a Massage

Hot tubs are a very relaxing way to enjoy a warm water soak. One way you can make this even more relaxing is to include a massage.

You can pay to have massage therapists come to your home to give you and your loved one a full body massage. Or you could choose the more romantic option to massage your loved one.

You can do this before the two of you enjoy sitting in the hot tub together.

Appreciate each other’s company without any distractions. Your time together is worth it!

Make a good investment and reap the rewards for the rest of the year!

And one of the added benefits hot tubs offers is massages year-round! 

We’ve got hot tub systems that will be the exact setup you’re looking for! 

Looking for more seats and more jets? We’ve got you! 

Trust us, the hot tub benefits are worth their weight in gold, or chocolate.

5. Order Out

It is common for couples to go out to fancy restaurants for Valentine’s Day. But this is not everyone’s cup of tea, especially if it has been a long day or you have had to work.

For many people, a Valentine’s Day hot tub date is much more appealing. You can make this even more special by ordering out from your favorite restaurant.

Even some fine dining restaurants allow you to order food and take it home. It allows the two of you to enjoy your romantic meal in your hot tub without any distractions.

Keep in mind that finger foods are going to be the easiest thing to eat in the spa. Things like kebabs, chocolate-covered strawberries, and fruit are going to be the easiest things to eat.

Don’t forget to order your favorite bottle of wine or champagne to enjoy as well.

Romantic date night in a hot tub

6. Invest in a Valentine’s Day Gift

If you do not already own a hot tub, this is also a great time to make this investment. There is no better gift than getting your loved one a spa to have on this special day.

We have two person spas available. These hot tubs can be extremely intimate! We have specials including a coupon that you download that will help you save money on our spas!

We also offer financing for all our spas!

Our in-house financing can work with you no matter what your credit looks like! If you have bad credit or even no credit we can work up a plan that works for you!

If you want to go all out you can even look at swim spas! Swim spas offer all the benefits of a regular spa with the extra room of a pool. More water equals more fun!

And they are easy to care for, which we think everyone enjoys when you get a gift. Spend your time enjoying yourself and less time on water care.

You’ll have to do a little planning ahead, to have the hot tub ready for February 14th but it will be worth it! Making valentines day the first time you take a dip in that hot water creates the perfect surprise

You can get the hot tub up and running and create the perfect ambiance to surprise them with. It will be hot!

Hot tubs will be a much better gift than jewelry or chocolate. It will be something that the two of you can continue to enjoy all year long. Spas offer hot water therapy and nightly massages, that’s a win!

Valentine’s Day Hot Tub Ideas

If Valentine’s Day is coming up, you may not know what kind of date to plan. One of the best options is a Valentine’s Day hot tub date that the two of you can enjoy alone.

A soak in the hot tub is romantic and provides plenty of opportunities to just relax together, whether you want to enjoy a meal or a movie. And did we mention it’s good for your health?

Do you want to buy a hot tub for Valentine’s Day? Contact us today at Aqua Living Factory Outlets for the best hot tub options.