How much does it cost
to run a hot tub?

It’s often one of the first questions we’re asked – How much does it cost to run a hot tub?

Investing in a hot tub can come with many perks. Whether you’re looking to enjoy it for relaxation or entertainment, there are numerous benefits to hot tub ownership. One of the main concerns that hot tub owners tend to have is the cost. It’s important to be aware of how much you’ll spend on hot tub operation before purchasing one because this varies between households and factors including electricity/chemical costs. As of Dec. 2021, the average cost of electricity is 14.19 cents per kilowatt-hour. A well-made hot tub will cost $1 a day on average to heat. On your monthly electric bill, this will be noticed as an increase of about $20 to $30. This price will fluctuate depending on a lot of various factors, however, some features and implementations can mitigate this cost.

The Type of Hot Tub You Buy Can Impact Your Cost to Run a Hot Tub

The model and type of tub you purchase can play a big role in how much you spend on running your hot tub. Not all models work equally well at heating, retaining heat, and other factors that determine their cost to operate – so do some research before making any purchase decisions. Make sure to talk to your hot tub retailer about the different aspects of hot tubs and how they affect costs. Let’s look at some basic elements to consider when looking at purchasing a hot tub.

Energy-Efficient Features:

  • Insulation – Is your tub insulated well? Partial or full insulation is the best choice to keep running costs down. However, if you live in a warmer climate or an area with mild winters, the insulation won’t be as much of a factor for you. You should still seek to insulate your spa properly, it just won’t matter as much.
  • Filter – Is your hot tub filter covering adequate square footage? For maximum efficiency, your filters should cover large square footage. 25 sq. ft. should be the minimum.
  • Cover – Does your hot tub have a good cover? A good cover is the most important accessory your hot tub can have. A good cover will allow your hot tub to retain heat, thereby making it easier to heat and keep heated. In the end, this saves you money on electricity.
  • Quality – Is your tub built well? A well-designed tub will have quality parts that will work as efficiently as possible and work well in doing their job to heat your spa and circulate the hot water. It is most efficient to run your spa 24/7 in the winter months.
  • Size – The size of your hot tub will help determine the running cost. The bigger the tub is, the more water there is to heat.
  • Dedicated Circulation Pump – The dedicated circulation pump can circulate the water in your tub using very little energy. If your tub doesn’t have one then you will have to use the jets, which will require more energy and cost you more money.

Water Chemistry and Your Hot Tub

Chemicals are a must for a hot tub owner. Your spa needs chemicals to keep the water healthy and safe not only for you but for your spa. There are many different chemicals and options to choose from. We will take a look at the essential chemicals you will need to run your hot tub, and talk about what they cost and what they are for. Don’t forget to check out our chemicals page for any products you may need:


Chlorine and Bromine are both chemicals used to kill viruses and bacteria in your hot tub. Both of these chemicals complete this task very well. Chlorine is slightly cheaper than bromine but must be used more frequently. Bromine is a little more expensive, but it doesn’t need to be used as frequently due to its more stable chemical nature in hot water.

PH Increaser/Decreaser

When it comes to the PH level of your hot tub, you don’t want it too high and you don’t want it too low. This means that you’ll want your water at a nice middle ground. To do this you’ll need something to increase the PH when it is low, and something to decrease the PH when it is high. Talk to your spa dealer to figure out what is best for your spa.

Chemicals can help lower the cost to run a hot tub

Sequestering Agent

A sequestering agent is used to treat water hardness. This treatment will suspend calcium and heavy metals from your hot tub water, which is crucial to maintaining healthy water and preventing damage to your hot tub. Without these treatments, your hot tub will suffer from poor filtration, poor sanitation, increased scale deposits, cloudy water, and possible corrosion.

While the amount you use your hot tub will play a factor in how much chemicals you need, on average you can expect to spend around $25 a month on chemicals for your tub if you’re using it moderately.


Just like pools, hot tubs require filters to help keep the water clean. Over time, these filters will become dirty and need to be replaced. Clean filters allow your pumps to work at optimum efficiency, which saves energy, it also helps to keep the water in your tub healthy.

In general, you should replace your filter every 3 to 4 months. You should clean your filter every two weeks. We also  recommend that you should be rinsing your filter twice a week for proper maintenance. Hot Tub filters vary widely in price depending on the kind of filter your tub uses and the brand you purchase as well as from where you purchase it. On average, a filter will run around $40.


Last, but certainly not least. We have water. You will need to drain and refill your spa about every 3 or 4 months. This is to make sure that the water in your hot tub is healthy for not only you but your hot tub. The exact amount you should change your water will depend on your chemicals, filters, number of users, and your water temperature. It should also be noted, that when filling up your hot tub, you should use a municipal water source and not a source such as well-water.

It will cost around $13 to fill a large hot tub. When draining and refilling your tub 4 times a year, you’re looking at spending about $52 dollars a year. It is also possible that you may need to add water to your spa depending on evaporation and the quality of your hot tub cover.

For more information about draining and cleaning hot tubs, check out our previous post here.

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Hot tub cost to heat can be managed with planning on when you'll be using it most

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A quality cover can lower the cost to heat and run a hot tub

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Lower your cost to run a hot tub by buying one that is well insulated and energy efficient

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Hot tubs do come with operating costs, but they aren’t as expensive as many people believe them to be. With modern spa technology, hot tubs are the best they’ve ever been when it comes to efficiency. There are many tips and tricks for optimizing your spa’s performance and mitigating running costs. Now, more than ever, you can purchase the spa you’ve always wanted and feel good knowing that keeping it up won’t break the bank.