How Often Should Hot Tub Water Be Changed

If your hot tub water looks clear and smells fine, you may think it doesn’t need to be changed.

On the other hand, you might change your water every week, despite not knowing if it’s actually necessary.

So, how long should you really be changing your hot tub water? All you need is a simple formula:
The number of gallons in your hot tub divided by three, divided by the number of daily users.

Let’s learn more about how often you should change your hot tub water and why.

The Hot Tub Water Changing Formula

As mentioned above, a simple formula can tell you exactly how often you need to change your hot tub’s water:

The number of gallons in your hot tub divided by three, divided by the number of daily users.

For example, if you have a 400-gallon hot tub that’s used by two people on a daily basis, that equation would look like this:

(400 ÷ 3) ÷ 2 = 66

In this scenario, you should completely empty and refill your hot tub once every 66 days.

To ensure that you change your water on time, just enter a reminder into your smartphone or computer calendar.

To simplify things, you could even set your alarm to alert you once every two months.

Signs of a Dirty Hot Tub

Even if you’re diligent about changing your hot tub at appropriate intervals, there are some warning signs you still need to watch for.

If your hot tub’s water is showing any of the following signs, it’s time for a change:

● Cloudiness
● Foam
● Unpleasant Odors

Any of those symptoms can be caused by a variety of harmful culprits, including algae, bacteria, debris, and improperly balanced chemicals.

No matter the cause, if your hot tub water feels, looks or smells “off” to you, the water needs to be changed, even if it’s only been a short amount of time since the last change.

If you think your hot tub chemicals might be to blame, read up on our Hot Tub Chemicals Guide for help.

How to Change Your Hot Tub Water

Once it’s time to drain and replace your hot tub water, follow these steps to ensure that your water stays as pure and clean as possible between changes:

1. Use a line flushing product to clean out your hot tub’s plumbing.
2. Turn off your hot tub’s breaker, then drain your hot tub water with either a hose or a sump pump.
3. Dispose of your old water in the appropriate location, according to your city’s laws.
4. Clean or replace the filter and wipe down exposed surfaces.
5. Add fresh, clean water.
6. Turn on your hot tub’s breaker and heat up the water.
7. Add and adjust chemicals as necessary.

Remember, while it might seem like a pain to change your hot tub water regularly, the risks of dirty hot tub water far outweigh the minor inconvenience.

Soaking in unhygienic hot tub water may result in:

● Hot tub folliculitis.
● Legionnaires’ disease.
● E. coli and shigellosis.
● Parasitic illnesses.

So make it a habit to change your hot tub water on time, and never forget to clean your entire hot tub, too.

Want to learn more about how you can keep your hot tub clean and beautiful 24/7? Check out our Hot Tub Maintenance and Upkeep support page.