How to Buy a Hot Tub: A Beginner's Guide

When you’re on vacation, do you find yourself always in the hot tub instead of the pool? Maybe you even prefer the adults-only area of the resort, so you can soak and appreciate the spa jets in peace.

Nothing beats that on-vacation feeling, but having your own hot tub at home comes close! You can have a piece of paradise in your own backyard.

Wondering what the steps are and how to buy a hot tub for the first time? We’re answering all your questions below.

What Are the Benefits of Hot Tubs?

Buying a hot tub is a financial investment, but it’s also an investment in your health and the atmosphere of your home. Not only will your guests appreciate your new spa, but there are proven benefits to consistent hot tub use.

The heat and massaging features can improve your circulation, which is thought to help lower your blood pressure, bettering your vascular health. That same feature can reduce sore muscles and soothe painful joints, like in those with arthritis. Using a hot tub two hours before bed is even associated with better sleep!

Buying your own hot tub is more sanitary than using public ones, and you can forgo chlorine for saline if that’s a better fit for your family.

Feeling convinced? Here’s your shopping guide.

How to Buy a Hot Tub: Check the Specifics

When you decide to purchase a hot tub, you need to check a few things before picking a model and fantasizing about relaxing soaks to come. First, you’ll want to look into your homeowner’s association agreement and make sure there are no restrictions for where you can put your new toy.

Second, you’ll have to figure out where the right place for your hot tub is, including how you’ll power it and what power options are available. The outlets in (and out) of your home likely run on a 110-volt circuit. Bigger hot tubs need a 220-volt connection to work.

If you can get an electrician to install the higher volt option, great! If not, don’t worry. There are smaller “plug and power” hot tubs that work with 110-volt outlets.

Finally, you’ll want to clear the space your hot tub is going to sit on. Depending on the size of your hot tub, you may want to have a concrete slab poured or remove grass to replace it with gravel.

Decide on a Size

Hot tubs are categorized by the number of people who comfortably fit inside. A large hot tub can accommodate anywhere from seven to nine people and is around seven to nine feet long, by the same wide.

A medium hot tub comfortably seats five or six people and can be anywhere from six feet to eight feet long, by the same wide. Finally, small hot tubs comfortably fit two to four people, and they’re five to seven feet wide and long.

The majority of hot tubs are around thirty-five inches high, no matter the type of hot tub.

Hot Tub Brands

Just like people have favorite car brands, there are hot tub brand loyalists out there. We carry five brands of hot tubs, plus heated swim spas. Here’s a quick breakdown of our brands.

Plug and Power Spas

One of the most advanced and biggest plug-and-play hot tub brands, they’re the top choice for plug-in spas on the market. They offer three main models, which we carry in various colors.

Hudson Bay Spas

Another high-quality brand, Hudson Bay, offers 115 Voltage spas, with many models under $5,000. They’re a nationally recognized name brand and provide excellent manufacturer warranties.

Lifestyle Series Hot Tubs by Dr. Wellness

If your family is very health-conscious, you’ll love this well-thought-out brand. All of their models have 100% anti-fungicide tubes, which prevent microorganisms from colonizing your hot tub. While our other hot tub brands are safe, Dr. Wellness spas take it a step further.

Tranquillity Series Hot Tubs by Dr. Wellness

This group of models from Dr. Wellness gives you the luxurious features you want from a brand you trust. They’re a party host’s dream option, with MP3 speakers and sub-woofers included in the base price of every model. This range is an excellent choice for entertainers.

Catalina Luxury Spas

If you’re looking for a spa with a built-in cover that you’ll never have to replace, as well as a great manufacturer warranty, you’ll love Catalina Spas. Their hot tubs come with their “Tuff Top” covers, which act as a shelf while not in use. Come see this unique feature in our warehouse.


Take a Virtual Tour

Once you have your brand in mind, you can browse the models we carry online. Once you have your shortlist of models, you can take a virtual tour of the warehouse to reduce your time in-person at our store. Not only is this feature convenient, but it allows you to have the most pandemic-friendly experience possible.

The 3D walkthrough allows you to click on each pictured model and find its brand, model number, and all the stats you need to make a decision.

Contact a Home Spa Dealer at one of our Aqua Living Stores for Next Steps

Once you’ve walked through all the items above, you’re ready to start getting serious with your hot tub buying journey. Our showrooms are open for in-person browsing, as well as expert consultations.

Aqua Living staff can walk you through how to buy a hot tub, purchase details, delivery, and assist you with in-house financing. We aim to be your one-stop-shop for everything hot tub-related (even covers!).

Find the location closest to you and make your hot tub dreams come true, today!