Hot Tub Foam causes and solutions

Foam in your hot tub is a sign of contaminants. It is also a signal that certain components of the water treatment system are doing their job.

Here we’ll discuss the contaminants, why they manifest in foam and what you can do to reduce the problem in your hot tub.

What Causes Hot Tub Foam?

Hot tub foam is caused by an excess of contaminating elements in your tub.

Even if the water in your hot tub looks crystal clear, certain materials can lurk on and beneath the surface.

Unlike leaves, insects, hair and other debris, things like oil, cosmetics, detergent and other dissolved solids aren’t always easy to see. They certainly can’t be removed by hand or with a net.

If your filter is not cleaned and changed regularly, these elements can seep back into your hot tub water. The result is an increased strain on the system and the likelihood of microorganism growth and contamination.

It is the reaction of these contaminants with oxygen that leads to the foam.

Many hot tubs use an ozone generator, which is designed to make sanitization easier and more efficient with oxygen injections (though it does not perform the actual sanitization). The ozone generator oxidizes the water with a high-intensity, ultraviolet lamp.

When the added oxygen reacts with dissolved solids, the hot tub water tends to become cloudy or foamy (immediately or over several days). This allows any added chlorine to disinfect the water more efficiently.

While foam means there are unwanted materials in your hot tub water, it also means that your ozone generator is doing its job. Of course, the ideal solution to is prevent the foam from forming in the first place.

How to Reduce Hot Tub Foam

The best way to reduce hot tub foam is to prevent it from showing up at all. A couple of things will help maintain your water quality.

First, ensure your filter is cleaned every two to four weeks and changed every three months. It helps to keep a few replacements on hand to observe this schedule and have backups if a filter gets damaged or used up early.

Second, follow best practices for tub users. Encourage everyone to rinse off beforehand to reduce skin products, oil, and dirt in the tub. Make sure swimwear is clean by running it through an extra rinse cycle when doing laundry.

Keeping your hot tub covered when it’s not in use will prevent spills and falls that could contaminate the water.

When foam does appear, you can get rid of it with a defoamer. Our Self-Floccing Defoamer is compatible with all chemical programs and can be added directly to the hot tub water.

Hot Tub Defoamer

Defoamer cuts through foam buildup, improves water clarity and even enhances filter performance. Simply follow the suggested measurement of defoamer for a cleaner hot tub.

No one wants hunks of dirty foam floating in their tub. Follow these easy steps for prevention and clean up to get the most enjoyment out of your Aqua Living hot tub!