How to Clean Your Hot Tub Cover

Think of your hot tub cover  as another component of your hot tub. Even when it’s not covering the spa, the cover must be cared for properly to keep it effective.

Clean your Hot Tub Cover

Cleaning the Hot Tub Cover

An unsanitary hot tub cover not only looks (and smells) unappealing. It can allow bacteria to drip into the spa itself, and, due to compromised structure, be less effective at protecting the tub and retaining heat.

The cover should be cleaned at least three or four times a year. Only use approved cleaners, and never use abrasive cleaners – they can do permanent, irreversible damage. Follow these steps to clean the cover:

  1. Dissolve a small amount of dish soap in warm water.
  2. Gently wipe the top and bottom sides of the cover with a soft sponge.
  3. When the cover is dry, wipe it down with an oil-free, non-alcohol-based vinyl protector (oil can impact water chemistry and clarity, and alcohol or chlorine products can cause deterioration and damage UV inhibitors in the vinyl).

If your outdoor hot tub cover ever gets covered in snow, and especially if the snow is heavy, brush the snow off with a soft brush.

At some point, your hot tub cover will probably become heavy with water. This cannot be entirely prevented, even with proper use. You may also see increased mold growth. When this is the case, it’s time to consider replacing, rather than cleaning, the cover.

Preserving the Hot Tub Cover

Proper care of your hot tub cover can keep it cleaner in the first place and prevent damage that makes it less effective.

Never allow people or pets on the cover, and don’t store items on top of it. Covers are only designed to bear about 20 pounds, and adding weight can weaken the entire structure and break the foam inserts.

Handling the Cover

When the hot tub is not in use, the cover should be firmly in place to protect the spa and prevent falls and spills. It’s also the best place for the cover itself.

When you remove, replace or relocate the cover, always lift and carry it by the handles, being careful not to drag the cover on the ground. The skirt and tie-downs are not meant to be used as handles.

If lifting the cover is difficult for you, consider adding a hot tub cover lifter to your system. Cover lifters do the heavy lifting for you, and certain types can be operated with a remote.

Always use the locking tie-downs and child-resistant locks when the tub is not in use. Consider also adding wind straps for outdoor tubs – the tie downs will not keep the cover in place if there are heavy or high-speed winds.

Water Chemistry and Sanitation

Good water chemistry is vital to the preservation of the hot tub and the cover. More chemicals are not always better – too many chemicals can lead to deterioration of the hot tub cover.

When you do add chemicals, leave the cover partially open for a while to let the vapor from the chemicals escape. If you’re performing decontamination on the spa, leave the cover off during the process.

Leaving the spa uncovered when not in use can make the water unsanitary and allow bacteria growth on the cover. However, if the water will not cool down (outdoor temperature is too high), remove the cover partially to lower the temperature.

The better you care for your hot tub cover, the longer it will last and continue to protect your spa and the friends and family who use it. Please contact your local Aqua living dealer with any questions.