Cloudy hot tub water is extremely unappealing. However, it’s a common problem with spa water chemistry and typically easy to fix. Here we’ll discuss the reasons for cloudy water and how to fix it.

Hot Tub Water Chemistry

The water in your hot tub is kept clean, safe and clear through a special balance of added chemicals . You can ensure the chemical balance is correct by measuring pH, chlorine, bromine, total alkalinity and calcium hardness and adjusting them as needed.

The pH level measures alkalinity and acidity in the water. It is important to keep the pH levels slightly alkaline, somewhere in the 7.2 to 7.6 range (levels below 7 are acidic). The further the water gets out of this range, the more severe any issues will be.

Proper pH levels are important for:

  • Optimizing sanitizer effectiveness.
  • Maintaining water comfort for users.
  • Preventing equipment deterioration.

Cloudy water can indicate that the pH level is too high (too alkaline). Other signs may include less effective sanitizer, scale forming on the spa, and spa components and pores in the filter cartridge are clogged and obstructed.

Clear Up Cloudy Spa Water

If your hot tub’s water chemistry is imbalanced and the pH is too high, add some sodium bisulfate (pH Reducer , as seen below). Wait two hours and retest the water’s pH levels. The pH is affected by bather load, new water, added chemicals and sanitizer type, so test it weekly.


Dirty Filter

Another cause of cloudy water is a filter that needs to be cleaned or replaced . It’s not able to keep up with the debris and dissolved solids in the water. Other signs that the filter is the problem may include:

  • Reduced flow from the jets.
  • Hazy or discolored water.
  • Heater runs more frequently but the water doesn’t heat normally or evenly.

Other Causes and Solutions

If it’s not the pH level and the filter is clean, consider other reasons for cloudy hot tub water:

  • Excessive organic matter: Add shock.
  • Bacteria from the cover drips into spa: Clean cover with approved cleaner.
  • Improper sanitization: Add sanitizer.
  • Suspended organic matter: Clean or replace filter, add shock, run jets.
  • End of water life: Drain and refill spa and replace the filter.

If you’re following all best practices for keeping your water clear and clean and the cloudy water is recurring, contact your local Aqua Living dealer for assistance.