Top 5 accessories for tanning beds

Your tanning bed is a significant investment, and you deserve to get the highest-quality use out of it. That’s why we’ve put together the top 5 accessories for tanning beds. To help you enjoy your time and come out the best tan possible!

The following five accessories will enhance tanning sessions, protect tanners’ bodies and maintain the tanning bed itself.

Top 5 Accessories for Tanning Beds

1. Cleaning products.
2. Tanning lotions.
3. Wearable accessories.
4. Pillows.
5. Tanning progress stickers.

1. Cleaning Products

Tanning beds, whether stand-up or lie-down down styles, should be cleaned after every use. So one of our top 5 accessories for tanning beds has to be a cleaning product.

Human sweat and oils, as well as lotions and other skin products, can build up on the surface and harbor bacteria, making the bed unsanitary for future use.

Opt for products designed to clean tanning beds and the materials yours contain to avoid damaging the surface.

Some common cleaning products can leave a fog or film on the tanning bed surface, which is often made of acrylic.

Be mindful of skin sensitivities and fumes when cleaning your tanning bed. Ensure the cleaner is fully wiped up, and allow a few minutes for fumes to dissipate before a new session begins.

2. Tanning Lotions

Skin tanning is different for everyone. From protecting skin from burns to accelerating the effects of the tanning bulbs, lotions can make tanning a better experience.

When selecting lotion, consider a range of factors, including:

● How easily your skin burns.
● How dark you want the tan to be.
● How much time you want to spend in a tanning bed.
● How much skin dryness you experience.

Based on your tanning goals and skin type, you can opt for lotions with or without:

● Bronzers/accelerators.
● Scent.
● Moisturizers.

3. Wearable Accessories

For the parts of your body that should be fully shielded from the tanning bulbs, you can purchase wearable accessories.

Goggles are for protecting the eyes without covering the skin around the eyes. Choose from types that sit on the bridge of the nose or use two separate pieces to keep the nose completely uncovered.

Caps are available to cover the hair, and similar types can fit over the face, which may tan differently than the rest of the body due to greater sun exposure. Little caps may be placed over finger and toe nails as well (to keep gel nails from yellowing).

Highly sensitive body parts, including nipples and genitals, should be protected.

Some tanners wear bathing suits in the bed, but that creates tan lines. If you prefer to tan nude, try coverings made specifically for these sensitive areas.

4. Pillows

Improve the tanning bed experience with a pillow. Even though it’s not recommended that you stay in a lie-down bed for more than 20 minutes, that can feel like a long time when you’re on a hard surface. Pillows are easily one of the top 5 accessories for tanning beds.

Pillows are available in easily cleaned materials and in a range of colors. Keep a few extras on hand in case one gets a puncture or becomes too discolored over time.

5. Tanning Progress Stickers

Many people like to track their tanning progress with stickers. These can be placed on the same piece of skin every time you tan to see the “before and after” contrast.

Choose from numerous sticker styles, including hearts, suns, flowers, words and more.

The right accessories can enhance tanning sessions for users and keep the investment of your tanning bed in great condition. Keep these five on hand for the ultimate tanning experience!

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