Wondering what a hot and cold tub is?

This type of hot tub is becoming increasingly popular, but many people don’t know what it is or how it works.

It’s simply a hot tub that has a built-in cooling system.

This can be a great feature if you live in an area with high temperatures and want to be able to enjoy your hot tub during the day.

Keep reading to learn more about hot tubs with chillers.

Hot and Cold Tub makes summer better

Chillers offer the option of a hot or cool soak in your tub

Hot summer days can become unbearable, and that is where a chiller comes in handy.

This type of spa is specially designed to be able to cool the hot tub water.

Making it significantly cooler than the air around it.

With an efficient cooling system, your summertime relaxation can be a refreshing plunge or a relaxing hot bubbling soak.

So, if you need an occasional escape from the heat, a hot tub with a chiller can help you stay relaxed and comfortable all summer long.

How does a hot tub with a chiller work?

A hot tub that can be cool or hot seems complicated, but it isn’t!

All you really need to know, is that a hot tub is heated with a water heater, known as a spa pack.

This heats the water to the desired temperature.

This high-temperature capability, combined with massaging jets, gives hot tubs the hydrotherapy benefits that make them so popular.

A hot tub that can also be cool, just adds a water chiller unit.

This unit helps to circulate cooled water in the hot tub until it reaches a certain temperature.

When your hot tub has this capability, you can turn your relaxing hot tub soak into a refreshing cold plunge pool!

Who is a hot and cold tub for?

Anyone who lives in an area where temperatures soar in the summer can benefit from a chiller.

The chiller will let you enjoy your hot tub during the day at a refreshing temperature, keeping you from having to wait until nightfall to use your tub.

This can be an attractive feature to someone who lives somewhere like Phoenix, AZ!

A hot tub is an investment, and you want to be able to enjoy your investment at any time.

Just like a hot soak after a long day feels nice, a cold plunge feels nice after hard work in the hot sun!

Is it worth it?

The right answer to this question is – Yes!

A hot tub offers hydrotherapy, which is achievable by the high temperatures combined with powerful massaging jets.

This is the reason many people want a hot tub, for the benefits they provide.

They are an investment in your very own wellness.

Increased circulation, better sleep, and relief from aches/pains are just some of the benefits of a hot tub.

And it’s going to feel amazing to cool off from the hot summer weathe when you need it.

A chilled hot tub can get down to a refreshing 62 degrees Fahrenheit!

So, is it worth it?

Yes – if you live somewhere where summer temperatures can get searing for long periods.

If your comfort is a high priority, get the chiller!

Things to consider before purchasing a hot tub with a chiller

Purchasing a hot tub with a chiller can be an exciting endeavor, but it is important to make sure you choose the right one for your needs.

Before making any decisions, take time to research available models on the market.

Consider which materials the hot tub and chiller are made of, any warranties offered, and ease of installation – if necessary – as well as other key factors that could influence your overall satisfaction with the product.

When you have thoroughly explored all of your options and have decided on which type of hot tub with a chiller works best for you, move forward in confidence knowing that you’re investing in something tailored to your individual needs.

Hot tubs with chillers offer more variety in comfort due to their ability to be cool or hot.

You get the benefits of hydrotherapy and also the ability to have a refreshing dip if you’re hot.

Consider a hot and cold tub if you want the occasional refreshing dip!