Rotomolded Hot Tub with a Mountain View

A rotomolded hot tub can be the perfect spa if you’re looking for a hot tub that is both affordable and durable. These tubs are made from lightweight material that is easy to move around but very durable, making them perfect for anyone who may need to move their spa occasionally. Plus, most rotomolded hot tubs can be plugged into any standard 110v outlet, so there is no need to hire an electrician! This blog post will take a look at what exactly roto mold hot tubs are and why you should consider investing in one for yourself and your family. 

How is roto mold hot tub made?

A rotomolded hot tub is made of a singular piece of polymer. It is manufactured using rotational molding. This is when powdered polymer is placed into a mold and is rotated using precise heat and rotation to form the hot tub shape. The powdered polymer evenly coats the entire mold due to the precise rotation and temperature. This creates one highly durable, lightweight hot tub!

The wonderful thing about this manufacturing process is that it doesn’t require as much time and labor. Which saves you, the customer, money. 

Affordable Rotomolded Hot Tubs by Hudson Bay - HB650R Spa

Are rotomolded hot tubs high quality?

You’re probably asking yourself, “What about quality?” The answer is, it’s great! The tubs are very durable. They can stand up to heavy use and can withstand dents and accidental bumps. Your backyard is a place you want to be able to use and not worry about what might happen if you leave your kids outside for a while or maybe you like to send your dogs outside to run and they are a little crazy. We get it. It’s life and we want you to be able to live it to the fullest!

While rotomolded spas do tend to be cheaper, it is because the money is saved during the manufacturing process. Which translates to better prices for you and more toys for your dog.

Internals of the hot tub

The spa equipment such as the spa pack and pumps are of the same quality as any other spa. So, you don’t need to worry about inferior parts in your rotomolded spa.

Look and feel

Rotomolded hot tubs are looking as good as ever before. With new decorative touches and colors becoming available. There are even some rotomolded tubs that have an acrylic look!


Due to the lighter nature of rotomolded tubs, they are easier to move. This is ideal for people who move every few months or plan on moving their hot tub in the future. All you need is a few strong people! Another great feature about the portability of rotomolded spas is that they save you money on delivery!


These hot tubs are durable. Being made out of a high-strength polymer has its advantages. A rotomolded hot tub will last for many years. As long as you take care of it properly, you can plan on having your roto molded hot tub for a long time. 

Due to their tough nature, these spas are excellent for large families. They can take all the wear, tear, bumps, and bangs.

User friendly

Roto molds are easy to move. So, you can get them to where you want them without much of a hassle, but this isn’t the only thing that makes the easy to get going. Many roto mold hot tubs are 110V. They can plug right into your 110V outlet. Saving you time on installation, and money, since you won’t have to have an electrician. Start hot-tubbing sooner!


Never fear, hot tub jets are here! You’ll find the same high-power jets that come with acrylic spas on roto mold hot tubs. Lighting? Yeah, they have that too. You won’t be sacrificing a bit of relaxation with your roto mold. They have all you need for a long, stress-relieving, tension dissolving soak after a hard day at work. They also come in many sizes, so there’s room for friends and family to keep you company!

Cold Climate Performance

These hot tubs perform well in cold weather. They can be insulated and outfitted with the same high-performing covers as an acrylic spa. Due to the nature of the material used to build the spa, it is also resistant to fading and cold weather damage!

Looking to jumpstart your relaxation routine? Look no further than the Hudson Bay HB650R Spa. This high-quality roto mold tub comes complete with 29 stainless jets for a great massage and digital controls, making it a breeze to operate. Plus, the spa is ozone-ready, making it easy to cut down on chemical usage. And if that wasn’t enough, you even have the choice of two beautiful colors: Coastal Gray or Mocha. It has all you need to for the ultimate relaxation after a long day. 

Hudson Bay HB650R Spa Rotomolded Hot Tub

A rotomolded hot tub is a quality, portable and durable option for those looking to enjoy the benefits of hydrotherapy. While we could go into all the great features that our Hudson Bay HB650R has to offer, you can get all of them in detail by simply clicking here.

Get your jumpstart on relaxation today with one of Aqua Living’s incredible value-packed roto-molded options. 

Happy hot tubbing!