No, an “air bath” doesn’t mean laying in an empty tub and pretending there’s water.

Rather, it refers to a luxurious type of bathtub that uses jets to blow millions of tiny bubbles into the water, lightly massaging the bather’s entire body.

Ahead, we’ll delve deeper into how air baths came to be, how they work and why you might want to get one of your own.

The History of Air Baths

Both air jets and water jets are descendants of the same invention: underwater hydrotherapy jets.

These types of jets were first invented in the mid-20th century by the Jacuzzi brothers.  Aiming to create home hydrotherapy systems to treat medical conditions, they created underwater jets that blew 50 percent air and 50 percent water.

Today, hot tubs and whirlpool tubs typically use jets that either emit only water, or a mixture of water and air. Air baths, however, are unique in that their jets emit only air.

How Air Baths Work

 Air baths work through a simple, three-step process of drawing in and expelling air:

  1. The air pump uses a fan to draw in air.
  2. The air is pumped into the air manifold (a system of air tubes beneath the tub).
  3. The air rises through the bottom of the tub and into the water via a series of holes.

Whirlpool tubs function in a similar way, except that they draw in and expel water as well as air.

Air Bubbles for Bath

Why Buy an Air Bath?

 Here’s why an air bath might be the best choice for you.

Low Maintenance

Air baths are more hygienic and easier to maintain than whirlpool tubs. That’s because their jets’ internal tubing is only ever touched by clean air. On the other hand, whirlpool tubs must supply their jets with recirculated bathwater.

This means that whirlpool tubs’ plumbing is constantly being exposed to dirty water, making it easy for bacteria, mold and mildew to flourish.

Thus, air baths don’t need to be deep-cleaned as often than whirlpool tubs. Plus, they take much less time to thoroughly sanitize.

Light Massage

While some people love the depth and intensity of whirlpool tubs’ water jets, others prefer a gentler, more soothing experience.

If you fall into the latter camp, you’ll love relaxing in an air bath. That’s because the millions of minuscule bubbles created by air baths create a sparkling, effervescent sensation.

This sensation doesn’t just focus on one or two areas of the body. Instead, it envelops the bather from head to toe, resulting in a gentle, full-body massage.

Bath Products Galore

With whirlpool tubs, you need to be cautious using bath products like bath bombs, aromatherapy oils and bubble bath. This is thanks to the types of jets used by whirlpool tubs, which can become clogged with residue.

With air baths, however, you can use almost any bath product you please. Since air jets are much less prone to clogging, you can toss in oils, salts and bath bombs to your heart’s content.

So, if you’re the type of person that can’t enjoy a bath without tons of bubbles and relaxing scents, an air bath is likely the best choice for you.

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