The popularity of swim spas has increased as more people recognize their benefits and versatility. Combining the features of a swimming pool and hot tub, swim spas have become a favored choice for those looking for a comprehensive aquatic experience.

One of the main considerations when purchasing a swim spa is its size, as it determines the overall functionality and appeal and the available space. In this blog, we will tell you what sizes swim spas come in and will explore the models, dimensions, and considerations that can help you find the perfect swim spa for your budget and needs.

How To Choose The Perfect Size Swim Spa

Understanding Swim Spas

Before understanding the sizes, let’s explore what swim spas are and why they have become popular home additions. Swim spas are self-contained and compact units that have a swimming area combined with the therapeutic features of a hot tub. 

They are designed to provide a space for exercise and relaxation, making them an ideal choice for individuals with muscular or joint pain, athletes and fitness enthusiasts, couples, and families.

The Dual-Temperature Swim Spa Benefits

One main variation in swim spa sizes is the availability of dual-temperature options. This dual-temperature swim spa allows you to enjoy two areas within the same spa unit: one with cooler water for swimming or exercising and another with warm water for relaxation. 

This amazing feature enhances the versatility of the swim spa, appealing to individuals looking to experience both the soothing warmth of a hot tub and the refreshing benefits of a cold swim in a single setup.

The Range of Swim Spa Sizes

Swim spas come in many sizes to accommodate different styles, budgets, preferences, and space constraints. Swim spa sizes fit every need, from smaller models suitable for compact backyards to larger options that allow multiple users at once.

The Largest Swim Spa

The larger swim spas are best for those with more expansive outdoor areas. Larger swim spas measuring 18 feet or more give ample space for water aerobics, swimming, and other aquatic activities. These swim spa models often have additional features and seating areas, offering a comprehensive aquatic experience.

Medium-Sized Swim Spa

With lengths ranging from 14 to 16 feet, medium-sized swim spas balance space efficiency, style, and functionality. They are best for individuals, couples, or families who want a more extensive swimming area without sacrificing much backyard or front yard space.

Smaller Swim Spa

These swim spas are generally designed for individuals or couples with limited space in their homes. These swim spas range from 10 to 12 feet long and provide a cozy aquatic experience, making them ideal for urban or smaller suburban settings.

How To Choose The Perfect Size Swim Spa 

Selecting the right size involves considering various factors, including personal preferences, budget, available space, and intended use. Here are some important considerations to help you find the perfect swim spa size.


The first thing to do is know how much money you can spend on a swim spa. Larger swim spas with advanced features come with a higher price tag, so if you plan to use them for a single swimmer, they may not be worth the investment. If you have a family, you may want to choose a swim spa with a spacious hot tub attached so the kids can relax and play while you workout in the swim spa. Assess your budget, discuss your needs with the Aqua Living team, and explore swim spa options that align best with your desired features and budget.

Intended Use

The second factor to determine is the intent of use. If your main goal is fitness and swimming, a larger swim spa model with a spacious swim area may be the best choice. For those who want hydrotherapy and relaxation, a smaller to medium-sized swim spa with additional features like massage jets may be the best choice.

Long-Term Goals

If you anticipate changes in your lifestyle, such as a renewed commitment to fitness or a growing family, purchasing a larger and more versatile swim spa may be a wise investment. Discuss your long-term goals and budget with swim spa manufacturers, and they will suggest the most suitable swim spa model.

Available Space

Last but not least, the available space in your home is also essential to consider. Measure the area where you plan to install the swim spa. Consider the height, length, width, and requirements to ensure a proper fit. Discuss these aspects with a professional swim spa installation company before investing in the swim spa.

what sizes do swim spas come in

Exploring Dual Temperature Swim Spa Models

The innovation of dual-temperature swim spas has given users more flexibility and convenience. With the ability to control and customize the temperature of different sections within the swim spa, these advanced swim spa models cater to a broader range of preferences. There are many benefits of dual-temperature swim spas. Let’s discuss a few of them.


Dual-temperature swim spas are best for families with diverse preferences and needs. Some family members enjoy a warm soak, while others can do aquatic exercises in the cooler section of the swim spa.


You can enjoy the best of both worlds by transitioning between a cooler, refreshing swim area and a warm, relaxing environment.

Year-round use

The dual-temperature swim spa can be enjoyed throughout the year, allowing for comfortable and enjoyable swimming even in colder winters.

Considerations For Dual-Temperature Swim Spas

Just like benefits, there are also a few drawbacks associated with dual-temperature swim spas.

  • Dual-temperature swim spas may require more space than conventional swim spa models. Make sure that your home’s outdoor area can accommodate the additional dimensions.
  • While dual-temperature swim spas offer enhanced functionality, they require more complicated installation and maintenance, so it’s best to work with a professional swim spa installation service.

Optimizing Space: Choosing the Best Swim Spa 

When considering the installation of a swim spa, it’s essential to assess the dimensions to determine the best swim spa for your needs. One of the benefits of swim spas is that they offer a space-efficient alternative to traditional pools. By understanding the features and dimensions of swim spas, you can make a wise decision to ensure the best swim spa experience customized to your available space, needs, and lifestyle.

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