When someone asks us what to look for when buying a hot tub – we want to make sure we first listen to what they want and need!

A warm water spa, also known as a hot tub is a perfect place to relax and decompress after a tough day. It’s great because you can do it by yourself or you can enjoy some time with your spouse!

Unlike standard bathtubs, most hot tubs are designed to have more than one person in them at a time. Hot tubs cater to people looking to chill out and unwind, and looking to use it for therapeutic purposes, such as hydrotherapy. Hot tubs have an exterior cabinet that keeps the shell firmly in place. The part of the hot tub that houses the water inside is called the shell. Moreover, hot tubs also contain:

  • Pumps that move water into and out of the tub.
  • Jets that soothe tired muscles.
  • Filters that maintain clean water.

What To Look For When Buying a Hot Tub

However, there are some things that you need to be aware of when buying a hot tub, whether new or used.

Most hot tub owners install them outside on their deck or patio because hot tubs are large and have a tendency to splash water around. Both above-ground and in-ground tubs are available, but above-ground hot tubs are the less expensive and more popular choice. Easy accessibility is crucial since hot tubs require annual maintenance. A hot tub has additional health advantages, such as easing tense muscles and painful joints, lowering inflammation, and lowering stress. If you’re considering taking advantage of these benefits, you should be conscious of a few things before purchasing a hot tub. These are some inquiries hot tub owners and professionals advise people to make before purchasing their first hot tub.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Depending on the hot tub, maintenance can be straightforward or complex. Be sure you are purchasing a hot tub that is easy to maintain. 

Ideally, the hot tub you’re getting shouldn’t be too expensive to maintain

Learning the Ins and Outs of a Hot Tub

Hot tubs are widely available for purchase online. But before you choose that course of action, be aware that one significant advantage of shopping locally is that the employees of a local retailer (particularly a pool and spa store) can give you much-needed guidance on installing, operating, and maintaining your hot tub. You should get advice from a hot tub owner or spa professional who has experience with a comparable system. You should also ask about the delivery team’s credentials and whether they will guide you through setting up your hot tub.

Jet Placements

The best hot tubs contain carefully positioned jets that are intended to massage your shoulders and back in the most therapeutic areas. It’s essential to determine whether the jets can be adjusted to your liking and whether they are air or water jets. Water jets deliver a more concentrated, intense pressure than air jets do. Reading a hot tub buying guide can do you a lot of favors in determining what kind of jet placement is best for your lifestyle.

Acrylic Shell on a hot tub

Hot Tub Materials

Hot tub shells are often constructed of acrylic, vinyl, or plastic that has been rotomolded. Choose the shell type that best fits your budget because it will affect how much the appliance will cost. There is no perfect hot tub. Every person has their own needs, which means that everyone has an ideal choice from the different types of materials used in a hot tub. If you’re hoping to get a perfect hot tub in build quality, you should ask a professional about the pros and cons of each material so you can choose wisely.

Acrylic Shell

Acrylic hot tub shells are regarded as some of the toughest on the market. They are produced by heating a single sheet of acrylic until it begins to melt, then covering a mold that has already been created. To provide a seamless, smooth surface, vacuums remove any trapped air between the mold and the acrylic sheet.

Vinyl Liners

Hot tubs that are connected to in-ground swimming pools frequently have vinyl liners. Vinyl hot tub liners are created by stretching the material over a frame constructed of cement or another durable material, which gives the liner its shape. Although vinyl hot tubs are less expensive than acrylic ones, they have a few drawbacks. They don’t maintain heat efficiently, which forces your hot tub’s motor to work harder and could drive up your electricity bill. Compared to other hot tub shell materials, vinyl is also less resilient.


Rotomolded plastic hot tub molds are portable and made of polyethylene. They are created by melting plastic powder that has been applied to a mold. Hot tubs made of rotomolded plastic perform better than vinyl ones, although they maintain heat less efficiently than acrylic hot tubs. In light of this, rotomolded plastic tubs are a fantastic substitute for acrylic ones if the price of an acrylic hot tub is out of your reach.

Frequency of Maintenance

Checking the water’s chemical composition, cleaning the filter, and cleaning the hot tub’s inside are all necessary steps for regular hot tub maintenance. If you use your tub almost every day, check the water’s chemical levels at least once a week. Every two to three weeks, clean the filter. Every two months, give the hot tub a thorough cleaning. Use a skimmer to eliminate dirt and debris within the tub in between interior cleanings. If you take care of your tub yourself, you’ll only have to pay for supplies rather than labor. Your costs for cleaning supplies won’t be high. Depending on what needs to be done, most pool businesses offer qualified hot tub maintenance services.

Water Holding Capacity

With how many people your hot tub can accommodate, you should pay attention to how much water a hot tub can contain. The standard hot tub holds 400 gallons of water. It takes longer to fill, drain, and replenish the more gallons it can contain. Moreover, more gallons result in more significant water and heating costs. However, more water means space for more people to enjoy the hot tub. Get the right hot tub for your place according to your requirements. If you plan on having more people use the hot tub at once, then getting a tub with high water-holding capacity is the right choice. However, if your hot tub holds more water, it also needs to be made with high-quality materials. You wouldn’t want your hot tub to crack while holding that much water.

Can I Hardwire My Hot Tub?

A hot tub can be either hardwired into the main breaker panel of your house or hooked into an electrical outlet. (The second types are referred to as “plug-and-play hot tubs”). Before purchasing, prospective purchasers should find out what kind of electrical source the hot tub requires. All inflatable types are plug-and-play, but most larger, built-in hot tubs require an electrician to install a hardwire because of their higher power requirements.

Life Expectancy of a Hot Tub

It is advised to inquire about the anticipated lifespan of the hot tub you are thinking about purchasing. Hot tubs are a luxury item, but there are some affordable models available as well that can last for years with regular maintenance. Hot tubs of higher quality can last for ten years or more. So long as they are properly maintained, fiberglass-based hot tubs will last the longest. Hot tub warranties are important, so be sure to find out how long the model you’re interested in is protected for and which specific parts are covered.

Protect Your Investment with a hot tub cover

Should You Get a Hot Tub Cover?

Hot tub covers are essential. Hot tub covers significantly reduce your electricity bill and overall heat loss. A cover will help prevent debris from entering your hot tub and lower the risk of drowning for kids and pets. Finding out if your preferred model includes a hot tub cover as part of the purchase price is essential because a good cover can cost several hundred dollars. Most in-ground hot tubs include a cover because of added risk of accidentally falling in.


A hot tub owner should be careful about many things when purchasing a hot tub. If you’re looking for a used hot tub, finding the right hot tub even trickier. Hot tub prices vary according to the materials used to make it and the add-ons that come with it.

Hot tub ownership is not only about enjoying your purchase, but also about keeping it in a safe, suitable condition and maintaining it regularly.

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