4 Massage Chair Myths Busted

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Just as with any type of technology, there are plenty of myths surrounding massage chairs. However, massage chairs have come a long way since they first hit the market in the 1950s. Today, those myths are no longer true.

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4 Incredible Massage Chair Benefits

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Massage chairs are much more than a luxury item. Offering many of the same benefits as human massage, they have the ability to improve both your health and your state of mind. Let’s explore the top four benefits of

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5 Types of Massage Chairs That We Love

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There are nearly as many types of massage chairs as there are types of massage. Designed to cater to a user's individual needs, each type can provide you with a unique set of benefits. Ahead, you’ll learn about many of

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Sauna Chromotherapy Benefits

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Chromotherapy, also known as color or light therapy, describes a popular method of using different colored lights to achieve different therapeutic effects. When combined with a dry sauna, chromotherapy’s ability to impact your mood and energy is heightened by

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Saunas or Steam Rooms: Which One is Best?

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Both can warm you up even on the coldest of days, provide a relaxing escape from the outside world and relax your aching muscles. With all that in common, how are saunas and steam rooms any different, and which

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7 Sauna Benefits

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Humans have been enjoying saunas for thousands of years. Turns out, saunas offer more than just respite from the cold: They also provide numerous proven health benefits, as well as relaxation and entertainment. Those benefits include: Pain relief and

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Sauna Tips

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Top 8 Tips and Tricks for a Safe and Relaxing Sauna Session How can you be sure that you’re getting the most out of your sauna? We’re here to tell you. Here are the top eight tips and tricks

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