Make Your Baths More Luxurious With These DIY Bath Caddy Ideas

While baths are almost always relaxing, the right bath caddy can give you a truly indulgent experience.

With the ability to hold bath essentials like oils, salts and soap as well as luxurious extras like reading material, flowers and even a beverage, bath caddies are both practical and lavish.

Here, we’ll share some ideas you can use to make your very own bath caddy, perfectly customized to fit your needs and create your desired aesthetic.

Read on to get inspiration for everything from caddies crafted from simple wooden slabs to transparent lucite sheets.

The Basic Wood Caddy

For a no-frills bath caddy that can be used to create a cozy farmhouse look, take a cue from this simple caddy made by Colleen at Lemon Thistle.

To make a bath caddy like this, you’ll need:

  • One 1×4 board.
  • One 1×2 board.
  • An electric or hand saw.
  • Sandpaper or an electric sander.
  • A drill, drill bit and matching screws.
  • A wood stain or paint sealant.

Start by measuring the width of your bathtub — you’ll want to make your caddy slightly longer than the minimum length to avoid any slippage. Then, cut your 1×4 board into appropriately sized pieces. You can use as many as you’d like — the photo above uses three.

Cut two pieces of your 1×2 board that are long enough to support all of your 1×4 pieces. Screw the supports into place, securing all the 1×4 pieces tightly together. The supports should be placed so that they also prevent the caddy from slipping off the tub.

Next, sand every surface you can reach, taking extra care to make sure the top surface is as smooth as possible. Stain or paint your caddy, seal it up and you’re ready to go!

The Wine Lover’s Caddy

For a simple and elegant caddy that’s customized to hold a glass of your favorite wine, try emulating the above caddy made by Lindi and Russel of Love Create Celebrate.

To make a bath caddy like this, you’ll need:

  • One 1×6 board.
  • Scroll saw or jigsaw.
  • Sandpaper or an electric sander.
  • A drill, drill bit and matching screws.
  • A wood stain or paint sealant.

Again, start off by measuring your bathtub, and cut your board a couple inches longer than it needs to be.

Using your leftover wood, slice two 1×6 pieces from the end and trim them down to be slightly shorter than the width of your caddy. Screw both pieces onto the underside of your caddy to prevent it from slipping off.

Next, use your scroll saw or jigsaw to create an L-shaped cutout. This will serve as the wine glass holder, making it easy for you to slide the stem of your wine glass into the cutout.

Finally, sand every surface you can reach, making sure the top surface is particularly smooth. Finish off your caddy with the paint or stain and sealant of your choice, and get ready to enjoy a luxurious bath accompanied by an excellent glass of wine.

The Modern Lucite Caddy

For a bath caddy that makes a bold and modern statement, try creating a caddy like this one made by Elsie and Emma of A Beautiful Mess.

To make a caddy like this, you’ll need:

  • One lucite sheet.
  • PVC window molding.
  • Drill, drill bit and screws.
  • Clamps.
  • Two brass handles.

To start, cut your lucite sheet down to your desired size. You can do this on your own, or have your local hardware store do it for you. You’ll need two identical pieces to make this caddy.

Next, cut the PVC window molding so it fits around the border of the top lucite piece. Again, you can do this on your own or have it done at a hardware store.

Then, apply super glue to the PVC window molding and affix it to the outer edge of the top lucite piece. Use clamps to hold it in place.

Drill two holes for your brass handles on each end of the top lucite piece, peel back the protective plastic a few inches and attach the handles.

Flip the top lucite piece upside down and completely remove the plastic from the underside. Remove the plastic from one side of the bottom lucite piece, then glue the top and bottom lucite pieces together, with the exposed sides facing each other. Clamp together to ensure that they dry in the correct position.

Once dry, remove the clamps from your caddy, peel of the remaining plastic and take your new, sleek caddy for a spin!

Bath Caddy DIY Tips and Tricks

Customize your caddy even further with these tips and tricks:

  • Don’t be afraid to get creative with handles: Whether you want leather, vintage wrought iron, glass or lucite, you can use handles in any material or shape.
  • Add unique designs: Try adding your own designs to your caddy’s surface with a wood-burning tool, paint or a wood chisel.
  • Use water-resistant wood: Even with a sealant, make sure that the wood you use is water-resistant to avoid warping, rotting and splitting — cedar, teak, white oak and cypress are all good choices.

No matter which type of caddy you use or how you customize it, you’ll be left with a personalized piece that can elevate your bathing experience (and bathroom decor) to new heights.