Repairing Holes In Your Hot Tub Cover

A hole in your hot tub cover is going to render it relatively ineffective when it comes to heat preservation and protection from debris and pests.

It could also impact water chemistry and overwork your filter.

If you’re not ready to replace the cover (if it’s not waterlogged or moldy or damaged in other ways), here’s how to fix it to restore your cover’s structure and functionality.

Examine the Hole for Size and Depth

Some holes are tiny, almost like a pin prick, and don’t include damage to the foam beneath the vinyl. Others may have penetrated and damaged the insulating foam.

Depending on the size and depth of the hole, you may need additional repair materials.

Collect Repair Materials

Small holes can usually be repaired with a basic vinyl repair kit, which may or may not come with the vinyl itself. If it does, ensure the included vinyl matches your cover’s vinyl.

You can also purchase vinyl sheets and vinyl adhesive on their own if you cannot find the right kit.

If the hole includes foam damage you will need to purchase foam to fill the hole.

Be sure you have enough vinyl for the top and underside of the cover if the damage goes all the way through the core and out the other side.

Other items needed include:

● Sharp scissors
● Soft sponge and cloth
● Gentle, vinyl-safe cleanser
● 120 grit sandpaper
● Heavy book

Cut the Patch

The patch must be larger than the hole itself. Use your scissors to cut the vinyl patch so that it’s at least 1 inch larger than the hole, and round off the edges to avoid curling corners.

Do the same for a second patch if you need to patch the underside of the cover as well.

Clean and Rough Up Around the Hole

Gently clean the area around the hole with your vinyl-safe cleanser to ensure the adhesive will stick. Then make sure it’s fully dry.

Take the 120 grit sandpaper and rough up the area around the hole, leaving the edges of the hole itself smooth.

This will make it easier for the vinyl glue to really stick. Brush away any dust from sanding.

Apply the Adhesive and Patch

When the area around the hole is sanded, clean and dry, apply the glue to both the cover and the patch.

Lay the patch over the hole and press firmly to hold it in place. Press outward from the center of the patch to get rid of any air bubbles and get the best adherence.

Let the repair dry for at least 24 hours before you lift or move the cover.

A heavy book is a great way to keep the patch in place and secure the patch completely (though we generally don’t recommend resting anything on your hot tub cover to preserve its structure).

For holes in the foam, insert a piece of foam that’s cut to the size of the hole, and patch on both the top and underside of the cover.

You may choose to complete the underside patch first, let it dry completely then flip back over to insert the foam and patch the hole on top.

Understand that a cover with too many patches will not maintain its structural integrity and should be replaced.

Please contact your local Aqua Living dealer with any questions.