Swimming in a swim spa - What is a swim spa?

Swim spas give you the best of a swimming pool and a hot tub in one home spa system. A swim spa is ideal if you’re looking for :

  • Aquatic exercise or training at home.
  • Something bigger than a hot tub but smaller than a pool.
  • A system that offers fun, relaxation, fitness, and therapeutic benefits.

At Aqua Living we offer a range of swim spas and will go over some of the main features and benefits here to help you determine if this is the right spa product for you.

What is a Swim Spa?

Swim spas are tubs that create a continuous current for bathers to walk or swim against.


Unlike a swimming pool, the swim spa allows swimmers to stay in one, relatively small place, never reaching a wall or having to turn around to keep swimming.

Unlike a hot tub, it is big enough for swimming movements and typically maintains cooler temperatures.

A typical swim spa has large jets (“swim jets”) at one end, and these send water toward swimmers to create resistance.

Some swim jets are adjustable, allowing for varying current strengths. Your swim spa may also include smaller jets as you’d find in a jetted tub.

Often, they include swimming areas and sitting areas. This means there’s plenty of room for multiple people, and a single user can alternate between swimming and sitting for a customized workout session.

Certain spas may be dual-temperature. This means that the spa is divided into two areas by a barrier and can function as a swim machine and a hot tub at the same time.

In terms of aesthetics, swim spas can look like large jetted bathtubs or small swimming pools, depending on the particular model. They tend to be rectangular rather than square.

The care and maintenance of your swim spa is very similar to that of regular hot tubs.

The spa will require chemical treatment to stay clean and safe for users. It also involves several plumbing and electrical components that you should familiarize yourself with.

Swim Spa Features

Our Swim spas have a variety of optional features that can enhance the relaxation and health benefits of the basic functions.

Many of the following features are available in specific models or with an upgrade:

  • WiFi connection
  • LED lights
  • Audio/visual systems
  • Floating drink station
  • Waterfalls

Exercise-Related Features

Many swim spa users like to enhance the spa’s jets with additional equipment for strength building and support:

Pro-pole and belt system attachments are designed to help a swimmer stay in one place while swimming against the current. The pro-pole and belt are easy to install and remove with pre-mounted hooks.

Row-kit equipment comes with many of our models and provides a great upper-body workout or training setup for users of all rowing levels.

Bike and treadmill technology designed to fit in your spa allows you to stay in the water for a full range of exercise.

So how do we answer the question “What is a Swim Spa?” when someone asks? We tell them the truth. A swim spa can provide you with the fun and relaxation of a hot tub and the space of a small pool. Better yet, it is designed to give you a full-body workout in the comfort of your own home and it’s just so much fun!