What are the most popular hot tub sizes and spa dimensions? We get that question pretty often. Most people want to know what other people are buying, hoping they’ve done all the research on what hot tub is right for them. We’ve sold a lot of hot tubs, simple spas with just a few jets to large luxury hot tubs with all the bells and whistles so we can certainly help guide you to figure out which hot tub is right for you!

Whether you’ve been a hot tub owner for years or are a first-time buyer, there’s one question you need to ask yourself when shopping for a new spa: what size is right for me?

To help you find an answer, we’re highlighting some of the most popular hot tub sizes and spa dimensions.

Read on to find out what your fellow hot tub buyers are choosing.

Two-Person Hot Tubs

When you think of a hot tub, you likely think of four or more people soaking in a large spa.

However, the truth is that smaller two-person hot tubs are some of the most popular on the market.

In fact, a 2009 customer survey from the PoolAndSpa site titled, “What Americans Really Want in Hot Tubs,”  69.5 percent of people report that on average, only two people use their hot tub at once:

Here are some other reasons why two-person hot tubs are so popular:

  • Affordable price tag: Many two-person spas cost hundreds or thousands of dollars less than their larger counterparts.
  • Compact form factor: For those with limited space, smaller hot tubs often offer a wider variety of placement options.
  • Practicality: For buyers who only plan on using their hot tub alone or with one other person such as a spouse or significant other, a two-person hot tub simply makes more sense.

Two-person hot tubs don’t skimp on features, either. Just take a look at the Plug & Power PP31 model shown above to see for yourself. With thirty-one powerful stainless steel jets, full-foam insulation, perimeter LED lights and more, owners of this spa aren’t missing out on any amenities.

And, measuring 6.75 feet by just 5.25 feet, the PP31 can fit in even the smallest of spaces.

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PP31 2 Person Hot Tub 110V

Three- to Four-Person Hot Tubs

According to the survey cited above, 13.5 percent of consumers report that three to four people regularly use their hot tub at once. So, it follows that three- to four-person spas are nearly as popular as two-person spas.

This is why people love three- to four-person hot tubs so much:

  • Flexibility: Hot tubs of this size can be comfortably used by just one person, or by three or more people simultaneously. This makes them ideal for those who know they’ll have more than two people in the spa, whether regularly or occasionally.
  • Space-efficient: While bigger than two-person spas, three- to four-person hot tubs are still relatively compact and can fit into backyards big and small.
  • Features: With three- to four-person spas, there are even more available features to choose from. These can include things like built-in waterfalls, subwoofers and more.

The Dr. Wellness G-100 Tranquility Spa pictured above is a fantastic example. With 30 black and chrome jets, an included Bluetooth audio system, a waterfall and a built-in Ozonator, this four-person hot tub leaves nothing to be desired.

The G-100 in particular measures 6.6 feet by 5.83 feet, meaning it can comfortably fit in most backyards.

Hot Tubs for Five or More

For buyers who plan on enjoying their hot tub with a large group of people, a spa that seats at least five people is a must-have.

Spas of this size are typically quite large, so they’re best suited to bigger backyards.

Customers who purchase hot tubs for five or more people are typically attracted to these benefits:

  • Large capacity: Of course, the biggest benefit of these spas is their large capacity. This makes them especially popular with families and customers with a big social circle.
  • Comfort: Large spas can be excellent for just one or two people, two. That’s because they provide lots of room to stretch out, which can be especially beneficial for people that are tall or who wish to practice hot tub yoga.
  • Energy efficiency: Despite their size, hot tubs for five or more people cost only slightly more to run than smaller models. However, they do take longer to heat up.

The Catalina Luxury Berkshire pictured above is a prime example of a premium six-person spa. It’s equipped with 57 stainless and lighted jets, a built-in UV sanitizer and Ozonator, extra-durable materials, plenty of LED lighting and much more.

The Berkshire measures 7.67 feet by 7.67 feet, making it ideal for large backyards with plenty of free space.

Catalina Luxury Hot Tubs Berkshire - Large Hot Tubs for sale

While there are plenty of different hot tub sizes to choose from the one you end up getting ultimately depends on your needs and preferences. With the help of this article, you’ll be able to make an informed decision and purchase a hot tub you’ll love for years to come.